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August 11 2013

Simplest HTML5 WYSISYG Inline Editor • Barney Parker

Simplest HTML5 WYSISYG Inline Editor • Barney Parker

pretty basic tools to be able to edit content, bold, italic, h1, h2 and so on.

#javascript #wysiwyg

July 30 2013

Industry design trends

Industry design trends

En 2012, chaque éditeur WYSIWYG était unique, mais la tendance est à l’uniformisation :

#redaction #interface #WYSIWYG #picto #clicodrome

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May 04 2011

Four short links: 4 May 2011

  1. Maqetta -- open source (modified BSD) WYSIWYG HTML5 user interface editor from the Dojo project. (via Hacker News)
  2. Hacker News Analysis -- interesting to see relationship between number of posts, median score, and quality over time. Most interesting, though, was the relative popularity of different companies. (via Hacker News)
  3. Real Time All The Time (Emily Bell) -- Every news room will have to remake itself around the principle of being reactive in real time. Every page or story that every news organisation distributes will eventually show some way of flagging if the page is active or archived, if the conversation is alive and well or over and done with. Every reporter and editor will develop a real time presence in some form, which makes them available to the social web. When I say "will" I of course don't mean that literally . I think many of them won't, but eventually they will be replaced by ones who do. (via Chris Saad)
  4. Changes in Home Broadband (Pew Internet) -- Jeff Atwood linked to this, simply saying "Why Web 1.0 didn't work and Web 2.0 does, in a single graph." Ajax and web services and the growing value of data were all important, but nothing's made the web so awesome as all the people who can now access it. (via Jeff Atwood)

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