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April 08 2010

02mydafsoup-01, a Discussion and Lecture Online Platform, Founded in 2007 - is Charging since March 2010 for Access to New Complete Videostreams

Since March 24th 2010 there is at no more a clearly seperating line between scientific information, PR and charging: the newly introduced premium access is nether clearly defined nor transparent in its extensions - what is charged, how long, is there a time line, from where on the videos are free? - etc. - The shift between free access and premium access was done mostly silently - intransparency rules, bad style for the audience, which to a greater part is composed by an international community of netizens, mostly people who tried to support and build up a freely supported network of good information sources, what was btw. also the PR strategy of during the last years -'s way to handle now the financial reward shows a lack of information society conceptions and a new way to organize them by digital supported technologies to gain nevertheless a financial outcome - unfortunately it proves also a lack of honesty which silently menaces by a systematicaly build up intransparency the access to reliable www based qualitiy of information.

[to whome it may concerne - @sigalon02 @sigalon @sigaloninspired ]

oanth - muc - 20100408

March 28 2010

Prekäre Jobs durch “Recibos Verdes” in Portugal

ARTE brauchte am 25. März 2010 eine Reportage über die Situation prekär Beschäftigter in Portugal.

“Zwangsarbeit” nennen Portugiesen sarkastisch ihre Arbeit, für die sie mit den so genannten “grünen Quittungen” entlohnt werden. Sie haben dieselbe Arbeit wie Festangestellte, doch Arbeitnehmerrechte haben sie keine. Die Krise hat das Problem noch verschärft.

Die Reportage kann hier angesehen werden.

Eingetragen unter:Prekarisierung
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