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March 17 2013


“In der Früh schafft er es nicht aus dem Bett
weil er abends seine Augen nicht
von dem glühenden Bildschirm lösen kann.”

Postkarte von Iwan Semionow, 1959

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February 26 2013

February 23 2013

February 20 2013

February 19 2013

February 08 2013


Tout l’univers No. 95 (Éditions Hachette 1962). Illustrator: A. Feddini

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January 19 2013

December 18 2012

March 16 2012

March 12 2012

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The Sheridan Theatre, 1928 by Edward Hopper

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April 27 2011


March 07 2011


February 27 2011


April 25 2010

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