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September 17 2014


May 16 2014

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January 21 2014

in memoriam Claudio Abbado (80)

Giuseppe Verdi Messa di Requiem (yt-video)
Claudio Abbado conducts Orchestra RAI, Roma 1970
Singers : Renata Scotto, Marilyn Horne, Luciano Pavarotti, Nicolaj Ghiaurov
Requiem 2:50
Kyrie Eleison 8:01
Dies Irae 11:47
Tuba Mirum, Mors Stupebit, Liber Scriptus, Quid sum Miser 14:01
Rex Tremendae, Recordare, Ingemisco 26:21
Confutatis 37:49
Lacrymosa 43:30

via -  siehe dort weitere verlinkte  deutschsprachige Artikel zum Tod des italienischen Dirigenten.
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September 10 2013

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Obama's Syria Strike Driven By Oil Interests, Not Concern Over Gas Attacks
Nafeez Ahmed: US and its regional partners have long term interest in region's oil and are using gas attacks as pretext for military action.
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September 09 2013

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The Countries Pulling the Strings in the Syrian Civil War
After a recent visit to Syria, Patrick Cockburn discusses the involvement of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey the US and Russia in the Syrian civil war.
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September 06 2013

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Congress Debates Obama Syria Attack
Politicians and activists argue the legality and aims of Obama's Syria plan.
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September 05 2013

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Understanding the Players in Syria
After a recent visit to Syria, Patrick Cockburn describes the pluralistic, militant groups that make up the "failed opposition" in Syria and provides the bru...
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September 04 2013

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Victory Out of Reach for US in Syria
Patrick Cockburn: US strike against Syria will further entangle America, as each military action will make it more difficult to retreat.
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Syria Crisis Serves Fear-Mongering Inside Israel
Shir Hever: The Israeli military industrial complex rakes profits from preparations for a confrontation with Syria, while social problems and the occupation ...
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August 31 2013

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Chris Hedges on Obama Decision to Attack Syria and "Give Congress a Voice"
Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss President Obama's statement that he has decided to attack Syria and seek authorization from Congress . . . Even though he s...
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August 30 2013

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Syria: The Most Sought After Chess Piece
Larry Wilkerson: With Saudi Arabia heavily funding the opposition and Iran backing Assad, the Syrian civil war has spiraled into a global struggle for power ...
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August 28 2013

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Bennis: There is No Military Solution to Syria
Phyllis Bennis: US policy should emphasize direct diplomacy to negotiate a ceasefire with all sides including Syrian President Bashar Assad, but direct milit...
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August 10 2013

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Colossus The Forbin Project, 1970 - youtube

via  D*

A highly convincing scenario: the US computer is conspiring with its partner unit from the Soviet side: both merge and blackmail the leaders of the world: whatever you will do against our common super brain, will be punished - no chance just to switch off the energy supply, or to betray cunningly the system; what's against its optimised intentions will be immediately detected, advised by its interface to be corrected, even with merciless instructions to kill people without delay, in case they conspired against it - otherwise its lethal menaces for the society as a whole are increasingly worse; consequently it controls also the decisions what locations as nuclear targets are to become part of the programme (international urban centres) - the political message for our days is incredible challenging, for the closed system is de facto reality by the leading political and financial-economic unit of corresponding interests against the people's constitutional guaranteed rights and the states' sovereignty; the traditional executive, judicial and legislative powers are no longer under control by the state's sovereign, the people, but have shifted to the leading function of the executive; the legislative and judicial powers remain obliged to follow the interests of the unit, which seizes by this all executive power and the world's digitised capacities to blackmail every state, administrative or economic organisation and individuum in every aspect of its existence; the menace via the executive power threatens self-evidently also the legislative and judicial powers in case they wouldn't apply to the demands of the unit. This is the most striking lesson coming out of this picture - it explains very well the systemic motivation behind the still growing right wing ideology, privatized police, militia and mercenary business. A further lesson is the replacement of human deciders by algorithms as one step further towards a digitised totalitarian grip of a new kind of dictatorship: a 21st century cyber neo-fascism with data-colonial governance by mass surveillance meta-data, insurance and income patterns as socio-psychological catalysts of classification and segregation : whoever wouldn't  fit into the given categories is politically a potential threat - whether you will then be psychologically stigmatized as an incalculable risk for your family and your neighbourhood, your car will be manipulated, or a drone will be sent, this may be considered mainly as a question of your social status and of some more sophisticated circumstances, but science and technical progress are to be suspected completely under the top down line in the digitised and hierarchical means of an anonymised and blindly operating executive.

oAnth - Muc, 2013-08-10 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

August 08 2013

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▶ Chilean Economist Manfred Max-Neef on Edward Snowden - YouTube

06.08.2013 - Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman recently spoke with Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef about Ed Snowden, when he was still in the Russian airport. This interview took place in Bogotá, Colombia, at a gathering of Latin American Right Livelihood laureates, often referred to as the Alternative Nobel Prize.

MANFRED MAX-NEEF: In this meeting, we produced a declaration about this thing, about what happened to President Evo Morales, which we consider is an unbelievable and unacceptable abuse in terms of international law. And we also stated that we are appalled by the incredible cynicism of practically all the countries in the world vis-à-vis what this young man has done, sacrificing his life and his future for something in which he believed. If you analyze what Snowden did and then read the Declaration of Independence of the United States, and what that young man did is exactly, exactly, exactly what Thomas Jefferson said that an American citizen should do if a government, you know, does the kind of things that have been discovered now.

I am appalled, you know, that nobody in the world is stretching their hands to this young man. Particularly, you realize, the European Union announced that they are furious with the United States, you know, for the things that the States has been doing—spying on them, you know, as in the days of the Cold War. They are furious against it. Why are they furious? Because of something that this young man revealed. But nobody stretches a hand to this young man. They use the information that he gave in order to be furious with the United States government, but they forget about the person, the human being who sacrificed himself to do it. I am really—think that this is a Greek tragedy, no? Really a Greek tragedy. And I'm deeply disappointed, you know, even with my country, with my president, who opposed that the foreign ministers of Latin America should get together in order to discuss and take a decision about what happened to President Evo Morales. Chile and Colombia were against the initiative. And I am ashamed, you know, of my own government to have an attitude like that. So I am really sorry, and I would love to be able to give a hug to this brave young man.

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March 01 2013

La nature est-elle impersonnelle ? Une typologie des singularités chez Deleuze – par Didier Debaise | Entre-là

In « L’Impersonnel », colloque international organisé par le Laboratoire ERRAPHIS (Equipe de Recherches sur les Rationalités Philosophiques et les Savoirs) et EuroPhilosophie dans le cadre du programme ANR “Subjectivité et aliénation. Université Toulouse II-Le Mirail, 24-25 juin 2010.

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February 27 2013

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Jon Penney on Internet Censorship and the Remembrance of Infowars Past
With Internet censorship on the rise around the world, organizations and researchers have developed and distributed a variety of tools to assist Internet users to both monitor and circumvent such censorship. In this talk, Jon Penney—Research Fellow at the Citizen Lab and Berkman Fellow—examines some of the international law and politics of such censorship resistance activities through three case studies involving past global communications censorship and information conflicts—telegraph cable cutting and suppression, high frequency radio jamming, and direct broadcast satellite blocking—and the world community's response to these conflicts. More on this event here:
Time: 01:08:52 More in Education
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[Webcast] Internet Censorship and the Remembrance of Infowars Past

Every Tuesday, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society hosts a public lunch gathering in our conference room in Boston. Each session involves a short presentation by a guest speaker or one of our community members, talking about a challenge that emerges from his or her current work. We are excited to partner with Global Voices to bring these presentations to a wider audience.

Title: Internet Censorship and the Remembrance of Infowars Past
Date: February 26, 12:30pm ET
Presenter: Jon Penney

With Internet censorship on the rise around the world, organizations and researchers have developed and distributed a variety of tools to assist Internet users to both monitor and circumvent such censorship. This talk will examine more closely some of the international law and politics of such censorship resistance activities through three case studies involving past global communications censorship and information conflicts— telegraph cable cutting and suppression, high frequency radio jamming, and direct broadcast satellite blocking— and the world community’s response to these conflicts. In addition to illustrating some of the legal, political, and security concerns that have animated historical instances of global communications censorship, the talk will aim to extrapolate lessons and insights for Internet censorship (and its resistance) today, such as the legality of censorship and its circumvention, the effectiveness of monitoring efforts, and the role of international institutions in disrupting (or facilitating) communications.

About Jon

Jon is a lawyer, Research Fellow at the Citizen Lab / Canada Centre for Global Security Studies, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, and a doctoral student in information communication sciences at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, where his interdisciplinary research explores regulatory chilling effects online.

In 2011, he was a Google Policy Fellow at the Citizen Lab–where he helped lead the ONI Transparency Project while contributing to projects like the Information Warfare Monitor–and, at Oxford, was Project Coordinator for the Privacy Value Networks Project, a large scale EPSRC funded research project on data privacy. A native Nova Scotian and graduate of Dalhousie University, he studied at Columbia Law School as a Fulbright Scholar and Oxford as a Mackenzie King Scholar, where he was Associate Editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal. He has also worked as a federal attorney, policy advisor, and taught law at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

His research interests include constitutional/human rights law, intellectual property, and digital media policy & culture, particularly where these areas intersect with censorship, privacy, and security.

Follow Jon on Twitter: @jon_penney

February 26 2013

Confirmed: Cosmic Rays Come From Exploding Stars : 80beats



Scientists have known about these ridiculously energetic and high-velocity particles for nearly a hundred years. In daily life, cosmic rays may be familiar as the source of extra radiation airline passengers are exposed to. However scientists have been uncertain about where cosmic rays come from. The extreme conditions of temperature and speed that accompany supernovae and their remains made them a natural starting point for guesses. Now two separate Science papers finally provide evidence that cosmic rays do indeed come from supernovae remnants.


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February 23 2013

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What Lessons to Learn from the Chelyabinsk Meteor?

From: setiinstitute

// oAnth: 30 minutes dense information about the actual available knowledge, predictabilty and possible further use of small earth near objects.

In case of your interest see also "Surface exploration of small solar system objects" :

Time: 30:00 More in Science & Technology
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February 20 2013

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