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June 18 2014


May 04 2014

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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September 05 2013


I would like to believe ...

I would like to believe ... that soup's @kitchen is really aware of the onging problems with the RSS import feature - by avoiding meanwhile the expression "auto" in combination with "import", like I did occasionally in earlier times in's rich and long history of dysfunctionalities.
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March 26 2013

02mydafsoup-01 user naivity

No doubt, this is one of the major weaknesses by users - already since about 3 years haven't been enough competent participants who would have criticised the ongoing dysfunctionalities with constant rigour, in the same way as to propose new features, likewise a better participation community for coding, user support and financial donations or fees.

January 24 2013

There is on no spam button, the only way is to show the spammers that the community will act via an information site ( e.g. or ) and alarm the support ( @kitchen ). Eventually it would  be a decision by the soup support to warn first the account owner and finally, in case he carries on, to delete it.

January 05 2013


Schleife - relooping - des Repost-Scriptes - Ein Bug? | Bitte um Unterstützung

Aus mir unerfindlichen Gründen kam es heute zum erneuten Male zu einem zig-fach sich wiederholenden Reposting-Vorgang. Ich habe die ca. 150 Einträge von ein und demselben Eintrag aus einem anderen Soup-Account mittlerweile mit hohem Zeitaufwand auf oAnth gelöscht, möchte aber - was ich bei anderen identischen Gelegenheiten bereits tat - nochmals betonen, dass der betreffende Eintrag von mir zum Repost nicht angeklickt wurde, jedoch auf den betreffenden Account in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft zu einem anderen von mir reposteten Eintrag lag. Ein identischer Vorgang ereignete sich erst kürzlich und ist hier  bzw. hier noch ersichtlich - die dabei ausgelöste Repost-Kette wurde von mir bis dato zu Demonstrationszwecken noch nicht gelöscht. Meine bereits anlässlich der früheren Vorfälle mehrfach geäußerte Bitte an @kitchen, mir in der Angelegenheit behilflich zu sein, und der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen, blieb leider unbeantwortet.

Für mich, und ich denke auch für meine Kontakte, sind dergleichen Vorfälle eine ausgesprochene Zumutung und ein großes Ärgernis. Kann sich irgendjemand unter meinen Kontakten vorstellen, wodurch diese offensichtliche Schleife des repost-scriptes ausgelöst wird? Handelt es sich hierbei defacto um einen Bug? Hat jemand von den dergleichen schon erlebt? Für unterstützende Vorschläge zur Klärung bzw. Behebung dieses Defektes vielen Dank im voraus! - oAnth, Muc, 2013-01-05
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October 29 2012

Again the same effect (now for the 4th time in 2 weeks): about 200 or more repetitions of the same post in my personal time line at oAnth - from a specific entry which I even haven't reposted by myself at all. What an annoying incident - @kitchen, please give me an explication for this kind of looping effect. It takes easily 1 hour to delete the whole amount posting by posting. - oAnth.

October 20 2012

I just had to delete about 200 same postings which were IMO caused by a looping script - this happened to me at for the 3rd time this week - the first 2 times I didn't receive any reactions about this by @kitchen to whom I addressed each time my problem.

How are these very annoying posting auto repetition effects to explain? - oAnth 

October 16 2012

Today were in 2 cases on oAnth looping effects of probably the reposting script to observe, which caused a huge amount of the same repeated postings. I had to delete about 150 to 200 entries.

As far as it concerns my contacts and directly related users to the distinct entries I apologize the inconveniences. - oAnth



September 12 2012

Unfortunately is in a catastrophic state: nether automatic RSS imports (also manually) nor  for the user acceptable loading times are any more supplied. I don't want to complain about many other unsolved feature problems, but in general, the situation went worth and worth and is meanwhile unacceptable. - oAnth
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July 17 2012

@kitchen, @updates, @c3o, @lutoma,

IMO it's more than that - the whole dynamics of information flow is broken, countless accounts aren't any more providing - as we have been used to since the early times of - automatic RSS import, since beginning July it's just not even manually possible to activate the feeds. remains by its concept a great on-line tool, but there are meanwhile too many unanswered questions about its future - please start to react on your communities demands. We should start to discuss in which direction is worth to be continued and improved in its features. - oAnth


"...We are currently exploring ways of handing over control of to the community of its users over the next few months, so that development can be restarted. More on that as soon as we know more... " (Christopher Clay)

March 27 2012

Dear @kitchen / @lutoma,

many thanks for the provided details - also for your reply (via on my complaint concerning the latest downtimes - oAnth.

December 24 2011

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Season Greetings - frohe Weihnachten~1910

December 18 2011

December 07 2011

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Check out this cool calendar navigation Sven built for his Soup! Amazing.

/me says kitchen made me a sou-pa-sta for a day. Thank you  Karl Agius
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December 06 2011

Fefes Blog (inoffiziell)

[l] Die Amis haben verstanden, wie man die Polizei richtig auf die Anforderungen der heutigen Zeit vorbereitet: das Pentagon verteilt Militär-Equipment an die Polizei. Die gesetzliche Grundlage ist von 1997 und wurde mit War on Drugs und War on Terror begründet.


// oAnth:

leider sehen wir uns auf Grund der anhaltenden Unzuverlässigkeit der RSS-Auto-Import-Funktion veranlasst, u.a. die Einträge @fefe 's mit unnötig mehr Zeit- und Schreibaufwand über andere Quellen zu posten - eigentlich völlig kontraproduktiv, bedenkt man, dass unter normalen Umständen entsprechende Einträge für jeden von uns in der Kontakt-Timeline direkt oder via Reposts mit einem einzigen Mausklick integrierbar zur Verfügung stünden.

oAnth - @fefe via Diaspora* - 2011-12-06

November 30 2011

Posting Youtube-Videos via Bookmark-Macro stopped working two days ago. Posting the code manually on soup using the "video"-template works fine, though.

using iceweasel 10.0a2 (= firefox on debian) on linux. didn't work on firefox 8 under windows 7, either.

can anyone confirm this or is it just me?


// oAnth [2011-11-30 - 11.45 a.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

Dear @kitchen, and to whom else it may concern:

Again (and again) neither  the automatic RSS-upload functionalities nor the manual ones are working on my accounts since about 2 days in any aspect.

Further is any kind of video embedding via content menu or via bookmarklet completely refused.

[W_xp SP3]

via my SOUP.IO STATUS linked in my header

// oAnth [2011-11-30 - 1.35 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

the problem with video embedding seems to be fixed meanwhile.

[2011-11-30 - 9.00 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

Also the problem with RSS import is on its way to reach normal status back.

September 04 2011


FriendFeed: Does anyone still use FriendFeed? Why? | Quora - discussion thread - 2011-01

// oAnth

I am still using it mainly as a more reliable online database (as a RSS aggregator) for my own online activities as it is provided e.g. via commonly used search engines, also to compensate the ongoing lack of the search feature at

September 02 2011


Feed auto imports coming back step by step

Many thanks, for this instructive feetback -

greetings by oAnth
All servers are back to normal, and the asset thumb generation (i.e., the missing images) is working again.
@kitchen, please - the missing images are back, fine, but still missing the "RSS auto import" as well, when will it be back?
Twitter / @soup_io: All servers are back to no ...
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