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September 11 2012

Antoine Le Grand

[Revised entry by Patricia Easton on September 10, 2012. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Antoine Le Grand (1629 - 1699) was a philosopher and catholic theologian who played an important role in propagating the Cartesian philosophy in England during the latter half of the seventeenth century. He was born in Douai, (at the time under rule by the Spanish Hapsburgs), and early in life was associated with an English community of Franciscans who had a college there. Le Grand became a Franciscan Recollect friar prior to...
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Judah Abrabanel

[Revised entry by Aaron Hughes on September 10, 2012. Changes to: Bibliography] Judah Abrabanel (ca. 1465 - after 1521), also known as Leone Ebreo, is an important transitional figure in the history of Jewish philosophy. Common to any transitional figure, however, is the problem of contextualization. In the case of Judah Abrabanel, do we regard him as the last of the medieval Jewish philosophers or the first of the early modern ones? His work, for example, is certainly in...
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January 19 2012


December 29 2011

October 21 2011


Egyptian parliamentary election, 2011–2012 | Compilation started 2011-10-22 | actualized 2011-11-07


An early parliamentary election will be held in Egypt from November 2011 onwards,[1] following the revolution which ousted President Hosni Mubarak, after which the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces dissolved the parliament of Egypt. Originally, the election was assumed to be held in September, but this was postponed.[why?][2]

The election will take place on the following dates:[3]

  • first stage: 28 November, run-off on 5 December;
  • second stage: 14 December, run-off on 21 December;
  • third stage: 3 January, run-off on 10 January.

Shura Council elections are to follow on 22 January 2012.[4]


source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



June 01 2011


10 dictionnaires Larousse en accès gratuit (archives) | Notre Précieux ! via

La société d’édition Larousse, bien connue pour ses dictionnaires et encyclopédies, a décidé de mettre en ligne via sa rubrique Archives, un accès gratuit à quelques ouvrages (anciens) de référence pouvant être utiles aux internautes dans le cadre d’une recherche de mot, d’information ou de biographie. L’ensemble de ces éditions figurent à cette adresse : .

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April 12 2011

King Charles XII of Sweden fled to the Ottoman Empire following his defeat against the Russians at the Battle of Poltava in 1709. A guest at the Topkapı Palace for nearly five years, he persuaded the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III to declare war on Russia, which resulted in the Russo-Turkish War of 1710–1711 that ended with an Ottoman victory.
Ottoman Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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September 14 2010


Network Neutrality: Distinctions and Controversies - WikiContent

This page aims to distinguish different arguments and reasoning in the debate around network neutrality, or control over traffic transmission on digital networks. The page was created to disentangle the many arguments, because the people arguing for and against network neutrality use multiple definitions of the term and mix together many arguments on different levels. The purpose of this page is not to air polemics, but to elucidate the various points made for and against various forms of network neutrality.

The document treats network neutrality is a business practice, and therefore does not cover related topics such as copyright enforcement, censorship, the move of processing and data to remote servers (often called "into the cloud"), policies of mobile providers toward content and applictions, or surveillance. Essentially, the document covers a public issue that started as a set of economic concerns and has been invested by debaters with social policy concerns.


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