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May 25 2011

"La société civile organise sa propre session" || has an #eG8 site in FR/EN with comments & intvw vids ||
oAnth | via diaspora 2011-05-25
[EN] La société civile s'en va t'en guerre à l' e-G8 on Vimeo |  owni EN&FR 2011-05-28

E-direct de l’e-G8​2011/​05/​24/​direct-eg8-sarkozy-internet/​

Improvised press conference of the civil society during the e-G8 Forum in Paris led by Jérémie Zimmermann (porte-parole de La Quadrature du Net) and with Jeff Jarvis (Professor in Journalism at City University New York) ; Lawrence Lessig (Professor at HArvard Law School, founder of Creative Commons) ; Susan P. Crawford (former ICANN member) ; Jean-François Julliard (directeur de Reporter Sans Frontières) ; Yochai Benkler (co-director of Harvard's Berkman Center for the Internet).

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