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August 06 2013

« The architecture of Sound », par Tanya_Harris (interview par Soundry)

“The architecture of Sound”, par #Tanya_Harris (interview par #Soundry)

You made recordings of churches around London to eventually produce your own sound patterns. How exactly did you record these different acoustics and turn them into visible vibration ?

Inspired by Alvin Lucier, a music composer who discovered a technique to record the resonant frequency of a space. I recorded the silence of the church and then played this recording back into the church while re-recording it. I repeated this process over and over again until the resonant frequencies of each church became audible.

Building my own cymatic experiment enabled me to see the hidden geometry of sound. It consists of a 450 watt amplifier that I made which is attached to a 15 inch bass speaker cone. I vaccum formed the speaker with thin plastic which allowed me to put water inside the speaker. When frequencies are played through the speaker- the water arranges itself into geometric patterns.

Your photographs of oscillating water surfaces are beautiful: how did you catch them and how did you then turn them back into stone ?

I took these pictures in a dark environment. I used an angle-poise magnifying lamp and positioned it over the water in the speaker so that it created a ring of light on the water. I removed the magnifying glass and took the pictures through the centre of the circular light.

Having photographed the pattern, I created a vector and laser graved the pattern onto the stone that the churches were made from.

Les expériences explicitées : “What architecture does sound orchestrate?”

Le site de Tanya Harris

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