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September 04 2013

How Advanced Is the NSA's Cryptanalysis — And Can We Resist It ? | Bruce Schneier | Wired

How Advanced Is the NSA’s Cryptanalysis — And Can We Resist It? | Bruce Schneier | Wired

There’s a saying inside the NSA: “Cryptanalysis always gets better. It never gets worse.” It’s naive to assume that, in 2013, we have discovered all the mathematical breakthroughs in cryptography that can ever be discovered. There’s a lot more out there, and there will be for centuries. (...)

The NSA has a lot of people thinking about this problem full-time. According to the black budget summary, 35,000 people and $11 billion annually are part of the Department of Defense-wide Consolidated Cryptologic Program. Of that, 4 percent — or $440 million — goes to “Research and Technology.”

That’s an enormous amount of money; probably more than everyone else on the planet spends on cryptography research put together. I’m sure that results in a lot of interesting — and occasionally groundbreaking — cryptanalytic research results, maybe some of it even practical.

Still, I trust the mathematics.

#cryptographie #NSA #recherche #mathématiques #silicon_army

September 02 2013

*L'accord Verizon-Vodafone à $130 milliards attendu ce lundi* NEW YORK/LONDRES, 2 septembre…

L’accord Verizon-Vodafone à $130 milliards attendu ce lundi
NEW YORK/LONDRES, 2 septembre (Reuters)

#Verizon Communications et #Vodafone Group se préparent à annoncer ce lundi un accord à 130 milliards de dollars (98 milliards d’euros) assurant à l’opérateur américain le contrôle total de sa filiale mobile Verizon Wireless, si les conseils d’administration des deux groupes donnent leur feu vert, a-t-on appris de sources proches du dossier.

Vodafone a annoncé dimanche soir dans un communiqué être en discussions avancées avec Verizon sur la vente de sa participation de 45% dans Verizon Wireless pour 130 milliards de dollars, payables en numéraires et en actions.

Rien ne permet d’assurer qu’un accord sera bien conclu, a-t-il ajouté.
« Une nouvelle annonce interviendra dès que possible », a-t-il simplement précisé.


Le montant évoqué ferait de ce rachat la troisième opération de fusion-acquisition de tous les temps après l’OPA de 203 milliards de dollars de Vodafone sur Mannesmann en 1999 et celle de 181 milliards de Time Warner sur AOL l’année suivante, en plein boom de la « nouvelle économie ».

L’acquisition couronnerait enfin les efforts de Verizon pour contrôler 100% de Verizon Wireless, le premier réseau de téléphonie mobile aux Etats-Unis, et marquerait la sortie de Vodafone du marché américain.

Le géant britannique des télécoms détient 45% de Verizon Wireless depuis la création de la coentreprise en 2000.


Verizon Communications ayant déjà le contrôle opérationnel de Verizon Wireless, le rachat des parts de Vodafone n’entraînerait pas de changement pour ses clients, mais la puissance de frappe supplémentaire du groupe américain pourrait l’aider à améliorer ses services.

L’opération laissera Vodafone, le deuxième opérateur de téléphonie mobile dans le monde, avec des actifs en Europe et dans des marchés émergents comme l’Inde, la Turquie et l’Afrique.


Le secteur des télécoms a été marqué par une série de fusions-acquisitions ces dernières années, la plus récente en date étant la prise de contrôle par le japonais SoftBank de Sprint Nextel, le troisième opérateur américain de téléphonie mobile, pour 21,6 milliards de dollars.


En 2004 déjà, Vodafone envisageait de se désengager de Verizon Wireless pour jeter son dévolu sur l’activité de téléphonie mobile d’AT&T, finalement acquise par Cingular.

Regroupement attendu au sein de la #silicon_army | #telecoms #tuyaux #câbles

Sachant que :

Le #renseignement [est] une guerre sous-marine
Le Monde | Article paru dans l’édition du 29.08.13

99 % du trafic intercontinental, Internet comme téléphone, transite aujourd’hui sous les océans


vous pouvez être sûr que les paquets d’informations qui transporteront votre requête passeront à un moment ou à un autre par l’un de ces « tuyaux » de l’Internet, propriété de géants comme Vodafone, Verizon ou Orange.

Comme le remarque l’organisme de recherche CorpWatch, le matériel [de tapping des #câbles_sous-marins] décrit par M. Snowden semble correspondre en tout point à celui que fournit l’entreprise américaine Glimmerglass, le CyberSweep

August 30 2013

August 29 2013

Open Letter to the Tor Project : Where Does Your Money Come From and Why Do You Hide It From the…

Open Letter to the Tor Project: Where Does Your Money Come From and Why Do You Hide It From the Public? | Friends of WikiLeaks

From our rather cursory look into the Tor Project and its funding it appears that – in 2011 at least – the organizers of the Tor Project and their US Government “sponsors” attempted to hide the true sources of its funding from the public by utilizing the classic US Government cloak-and-dagger method of using “cutout” companies and NGOs to “pass-through” money from the US Defense Department and the US State Department to Tor – to the tune of over $730,000.00 – a huge chunk of their total funding.

The Tor Project’s own “amended” financial document for 2011 which reveals these current relationships between Tor and the highest levels of the US Government, presented to Tor by their accountants in July 2012

#Tor #DoD #silicon_army

August 27 2013

Burning Man becomes a hot spot for tech titans - SFGate

Burning Man becomes a hot spot for tech titans - SFGate

Burning Man, which gets under way Monday, is best known as a hedonistic weeklong art festival 110 miles north of Reno on a dry lake called the playa. But almost imperceptibly over the last few years, it has become a place where CEOs, venture capitalists and startuppers can network (while wearing, at most, swimsuits). While neither money, branding nor barter are allowed, suddenly companies are getting funded, co-founders are meeting, and people are getting jobs right on the playa. Among the 68,000 costumed and dust-covered attendees are some unexpected names - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg goes. So do Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. And Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. Anarchists parking Priuses next to ramshackle tents and tarps are now sharing the sand with wealthy techies arriving, via private jets, at luxury desert camps fully staffed with cooks, masseuses and assistants.

#silicon_valley #californie #startups
et (par extension ?) #silicon_army

August 12 2013

DEF CON : The Documentary - Jason Scott

DEF CON : The Documentary - Jason Scott

DEF CON is the world’s largest hacking conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2012 it was held for the 20th time. The conference has strict no-filming policies, but for DEF CON 20, a documentary crew was allowed full access to the event. The film follows the four days of the conference, the events and people (attendees and staff), and covers history and philosophy behind DEF CON’s success and unique experience. Written by Jason Scott

où l’on voit le général Alexander

voir aussi cet autre #film #documentaire de Jason Scott :

#hacking #convention #silicon_army

August 09 2013

How The Washington Post's New Owner Aided the CIA, Blocked WikiLeaks & Decimated the Book Industry…

How The Washington Post’s New Owner Aided the CIA, Blocked WikiLeaks & Decimated the Book Industry | Democracy Now !

I think one thing that’s missing is a discussion of the hallowed traditions, the hallowed journalistic traditions of The Washington Post. I mean, any media consumer who’s been looking at the bevy of articles in the last day and a half has heard about this—you know, “What’s going to happen to The Washington Post’s journalistic tradition—the paper of Watergate—or, the paper that exposed Watergate and published the Pentagon Papers?” I think any serious and very, you know, diligent news consumer is going to realize that the incidents like Watergate conspiracy and the Pentagon Papers, that was 40 years ago, and the hallowed tradition of The #Washington_Post that we’re worried Bezos is going to ruin—and, again, it may get worse, it may not; most likely it’ll continue—but that hallowed tradition, for 40 years, The Washington Post has really been a newspaper of the bipartisan consensus. And items like or invasions like Iraq could hardly have happened without the editorial pages headed by a sort of a hawk, Fred Hiatt, who’s still in power today, and Fred Hiatt’s editorial pages of The Washington Post has, in a five-month period before the Iraq invasion, more than two dozen editorials urging on that invasion. Skeptics of the invasion were mercilessly savaged in the editorial pages and the op-ed pages, but they weren’t allowed to speak for themselves. And so, when I hear people talk about The Washington Post under the Graham family, the paper of Watergate, it reminds me of people who would look at today’s Barack Obama and say he’s a community organizer embedded with the poor in Chicago. The Watergate Washington Post was decades ago. The Washington Post we should be thinking about in the last 10, 12 years has been a very important instrument of U.S. intervention, imperial foreign policy, at the hands of the editorial page editor Fred Hiatt.

Ca fait donc bien longtemps que ce journal n’est plus un contrepouvoir ; autrement, #Jeff_Bezos appartient quand même un peu à la #silicon_army même s’il ne vient pas de la bay area.

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