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August 22 2013

April 27 2010

VW Modellserien / car series ~1965

March 29 2010

Understanding Computers from 'first principles'

Red Earth QA of Central Oklahoma

While researching information on computer security, I ran across the Security Now! podcasts( ).

Among the podcasts is a series of discussions that provides insight into how computers work at a fundamental (and somewhat technical) level.

Here are the podcasts that I found particularly interesting:
Basic Architecture of computers from the 1950s
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December 10 2009

Interview with Rosa de la Cruz / Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz Collection, Miami / Part 1/2

In the week before Art Basel Miami Beach the collectors Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz allowed us to have a look at their new exhibition space in the Design District in Miami. While the final preparations for the opening were going on and despite the fact that she was busy coordinating the presentation, Rosa de la Cruz found the time to give us a tour through the new space and speak with us about the the new exhibition space.

In the first part of this conversation with Sabine Trieloff, Rosa de la Cruz talks about the idea behind the new space and the architecture of the building. In the second part of the interview that will be published tomorrow, Rosa de la Cruz talks about her background, the educational program of the collection, the reasons why their collection includes many works by German artists, and a special room with works by Ana Mendieta.

Interview with Rosa de la Cruz / Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz Collection, Miami / Part 1/2. November 27 and December 3, 2009.

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