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March 11 2013

Science Policy Podcast - Catastrophic Risks (8 Mar 2013)

New technologies promise major benefits -- but what about the risks? Meghna Sachdev chats with astronomer Martin Rees about 'existential risks' and assessing new threats to our future.

February 10 2011

Four short links: 10 February 2011

  1. Instapaper's API -- Marco Arment wanted to prevent people building their own front-ends using the API and thus removing his (advertising) revenue source. He could offer a cripped API, but people scrape to work around that. He could tithe the apps people build on top of his API, but that's hard work to set up and run. His solution: the API only works for paying customers.
  2. European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group: Horror Stories -- horrifying reading. I was surprised by how many companies build Excel into their accounting workflow.
  3. New York's Central Nervous System is Growing -- another datapoint in the sensor network Internet of Things buildout. The lump, an ultra-low power sensor, will communicate with other white lumps under parked cars all over the island, telling each other when you pulled in, how long you've been parked and when you rumble away. Last month, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. announced plans to place these sensors underneath the 30 new parking spots next to Roosevelt Island's subway and tramway. (via BLDGBLOG)
  4. Where Pair Programming Fails for Me -- I found that in order to pair, I had to act as if I was in a continuous meeting. I had to not just listen to my pair, but appear to be listening; I had to nod in the right places, repeat back what my pair said in active listening fashion. I had to pick the right moment to interject. I tried to model my partner’s mental state in my head so I could see his viewpoint better. While I was doing this, I was trying to see the code that he was writing, and the design that he was trying to make the code fit. If there was a failing test, I was trying to figure out the test and the test framework at the same time.

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