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September 06 2013

Daily chart : State of pay | The Economist

Daily chart: State of pay | The Economist

State of pay
Sep 6th 2013, 13:29 by R.W., J.M.F. and L.P.

The wide diversity in the size and salary of America’s state legislatures : poor Kansas lawmakers...

. They earn $4,000 apiece—almost ten times less than their peers in neighbouring Oklahoma and Missouri. Californians earn the most, but represent the most populous state, and face tricky issues. So what explains Pennsylvania, whose legislature is almost twice the size, and paid three times as much, as the national average? The issue is controversial in austere times, as we explain in this week’s edition. See full article.

#états-unis #revenus

September 01 2013

The World Top Incomes Database

The World Top Incomes Database :

C’est Jean Abbiateci qui signale sur facebook l’énorme base de données de Piketty sur les inégalités et les revenus par tranche depuis plus d’un siècle

There has been a marked revival of interest in the study of the distribution of top incomes using tax data. Beginning with the research by Thomas Piketty (2001, 2003) of the long-run distribution of top incomes in France, a succession of studies has constructed top income share time series over the long-run for more than twenty countries to date. These projects have generated a large volume of data, which are intended as a research resource for further analysis.

#statistiques #bases_de_donnée #database #inégalités #revenus #piketty

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