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July 09 2010

Four short links: 9 July 2010

  1. Reasons for Artists and Fans to Consider Crowdfunding -- the number of fans acquiring music outside traditional and/or legal means is, well, the majority. Plenty of examples of bands raising money outside the label system.
  2. DARPA's Blood Makers Start Pumping (Wired) -- biomanufactured blood. The blood was produced using hematopoietic cells, derived from embryonic cord-blood units. Currently, it takes Arteriocyte scientists three days to turn a single umbilical cord unit into 20 units of RBC-packed blood. The average soldier needs six units during trauma treatment. (via rdiva on Twitter)
  3. Self-Reproducing Makerbot -- a community member popped up, out of the blue, and posted the designs for a MakerBot assembled from 150 pieces that a MakerBot can print, a-la the RepRap (whose design MakerBot is based on). (via Quinn Norton)
  4. Real Time Real World Statistics -- I can't wait to see what happens when we get real-time AND open data together. (via jessykate on Twitter)

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