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June 13 2013

Science Podcast - Ancient leprosy, GRACE, Earthscope, and more (14 June 2013)

Stewart Cole compares the genomes of modern and thousand-year-old leprosy; James Famiglietti reveals what GRACE tells us about Earth’s water; Richard Kerr discusses what EarthScope will tell us about the geophysics of North America; and more.

May 14 2012

TERRA 708: Trapped!

How do you film wild animals that don't want to be filmed? That is the question Emily Narrow faces as a student wildlife filmmaker in Bozeman, Montana. Trapped! is a short documentary film about remote wildlife cameras, and Emily's attempt to use these cameras to connect with nature. The film follows her as she sets her first camera traps, and tries to get the kind of intimate portraits of wildlife that have eluded her so far. Trapped! takes a lighthearted look at Emily's successes and failures at camera trapping, while highlighting the simple joy that comes from connecting with nature.
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