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January 15 2014

Four short links: 16 January 2014

  1. MapGive — State Dept launches OSM contributing tool “to help humanitarian efforts”.
  2. Principles for Making Things for The Web — excellent!
  3. Traffic Studies are Simulations (Computerworld) — simulations are an important software genre, oft ignored. (via Slashdot)
  4. CodePilotan Xcode plugin which lets you woosh through your code and save a lot of your time. See also the main site.

August 26 2013

*Open Street Map : Tous Cartographes !* Le 02/09/2013, de 10h à 12h La-Matrice, 21 bvd Clemenceau,…

Open Street Map : Tous Cartographes !
Le 02/09/2013, de 10h à 12h
@ #La-Matrice, 21 bvd Clemenceau, #Saint-Brieuc La Matrice

#OpenStreetMap est un projet qui a pour but de constituer une base de données cartographiques libre du monde (permettant par exemple de créer des cartes sous licence libre), en utilisant le système GPS et d’autres données libres. Il a été initié en juillet 2004 par Steve Coast au University College de Londres. Par l’utilisation de moyens informatiques basés sur Internet qui permettent l’intervention et la collaboration de tout utilisateur volontaire, OpenStreetMap relève de la géomatique 2.0 et est aussi une contribution à ce qui est appelé la néogéographie, dont les outils composent le GeoWeb.
Début 2013, le millionième contributeur participant à la réalisation de la carte mondiale librement accessible et utilisable a été enregistré. (Wikipedia)


March 09 2012

Four short links: 9 March 2012

  1. Why The Symphony Needs A Progress Bar (Elaine Wherry) -- an excellent interaction designer tackles the real world.
  2. Biologic -- view your social network as though looking at cells through a microscope. Gorgeous and different.
  3. The Cost of Cracking -- analysis of used phone listings to see what improves and decreases price yields some really interesting results. Phones described as “decent” are typically priced 23% below the median. Who would describe something they’re selling as "decent" and price it below market value unless something fishy was going on? [...] On average, cracking your phone destroys 30-50% of its value instantly. Particularly interesting to me since Ms 10 just brought home her phone with *cough* a new starburst screensaver.
  4. OpenStreetMap Welcomes Apple -- this is the classy way to deal with the world's richest company quietly and badly using your work without acknowledgement.

December 16 2011

The winner takes it all….WissensWert 2011 – Preisträger stehen fest!

Eine junge ambitionierte schwedische Popband sang einst: “The judges will decide / the likes of me abide / spectators of the show / always staying low / the game is on again / a lover or a friend / a big thing or a small / the winner takes it all”. Dies war keine Eintagsfliege, schon wieder ist es geschehen: vorbildliche und sehr spannende Projekte rund um freies Wissen und den Zugang zu Wissensressourcen erhalten den WissensWert-Preis 2011. Die Entscheidung der Jury ist nun öffentlich. Folgende Projekte dürfen nun den Schampus aufmachen:

Open-Access-Medienimporter für Wikimedia Commons
Zeitreise in OpenStreetMap – oder: OSM in der 4. Dimension
CC PLAY – Spiel die Commons
Open (Citizen) Science durch mehr öffentlich verfügbare Genotypisierungen
Barrierefreie YouTube OER-Videos

Letzgenanntes Projekt hat zudem eine kreischende und Feuerzeug schwenkende Community hinterlassen und zusätzlich den mit 2.000 Euro dotierten Publikumspreis abgeräumt. Die einzelnen Würdigungen finden sich im Wikimedia-Blog. Als Mitglied der Jury wünsche ich nun allen Gewinnern ein glückliches Händchen bei der Durchführung der Projekte.

July 14 2011

Four short links: 14 July 2011

  1. Digging into Technology's Past -- stories of the amazing work behind the visual 6502 project and how they reconstructed and simulated the legendary 6502 chip. To analyze and then preserve the 6502, James treated it like the site of an excavation. First, he needed to expose the actual chip by removing its packaging of essentially “billiard-ball plastic.” He eroded the casing by squirting it with very hot, concentrated sulfuric acid. After cleaning the chip with an ultrasonic cleaner—much like what’s used for dentures or contact lenses—he could see its top layer.
  2. Leaflet -- BSD-licensed lightweight Javascript library for interactive maps, using the Open Street Map.
  3. Too Many Public Works Built on Rosy Scenarios (Bloomberg) -- a feedback loop with real data being built to improve accuracy estimating infrastructure project costs. He would like to see better incentives -- punishment for errors, rewards for accuracy -- combined with a requirement that forecasts not only consider the expected characteristics of the specific project but, once that calculation is made, adjust the estimate based on an “outside view,” reflecting the cost overruns of similar projects. That way, the “unexpected” problems that happen over and over again would be taken into consideration. Such scrutiny would, of course, make some projects look much less appealing -- which is exactly what has happened in the U.K., where “reference-class forecasting” is now required. “The government stopped a number of projects dead in their tracks when they saw the forecasts,” Flyvbjerg says. “This had never happened before.”
  4. Neurovigil Gets Cash Injection To Read Your Mind (FastCompany) -- "an anonymous American industrialist and technology visionary" put tens of millions into this company, which has hardware to gather mineable data. iBrain promises to open a huge pipeline of data with its powerful but simple brain-reading tech, which is gaining traction thanks to technological advances. But the other half of the potentailly lucrative equation is the ability to analyze the trove of data coming from iBrain. And that's where NeuroVigil's SPEARS algorithm enters the picture. Not only is the company simplifying collection of brain data with a device that can be relatively comfortably worn during all sorts of tasks--sleeping, driving, watching advertising--but the combination of iBrain and SPEARS multiplies the efficiency of data analysis. (via Vaughan Bell)

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