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July 13 2011

Who are the OSCON data geeks?

This podcast highlights some of the sessions in OSCON Data and who might be interested in them.

Edd Dumbill, Bradford Stephens and I took the liberty of making irreverent monikers for several of the types of attendees we expect at OSCON Data. These include:

DBA Dude
  • Data Scientist
  • NOSQL Nerd
  • Scaling Geek
  • Real-time Traveler
  • (Podcast production by Rich Goyette Audio.)

    OSCON Data 2011, being held July 25-27 in Portland, Ore., is a gathering for developers who are hands-on, doing the systems work and evolving architectures and tools to manage data.

    Save 20% on registration with the code OS11RAD

    July 12 2011

    Make your nomination for the OSCON Data Innovation Award

    The OSCON Data Innovation Award, to be announced at OSCON Data (July 25-27 in Portland, Ore), will be given to an organization, open source project, or individual who has made a significant contribution to the burgeoning data management field.

    Nominations are open to the entire open source community. Al entries will be judged by the award committee, which includes: Sarah Novotny (Program Chair, OSCON and OSCON Data), Bradford Stephens (Program Chair, OSCON Data), Edd Dumbill (Program Chair, OSCON), and Mike Olson (CEO, Cloudera).

    You can submit a nomination here. Nominations should include the name of the recipient, any associated project or organization, and a reason of why you're nominating the company, project or individual. The nomination window closes on July 18, 2011.

    (Note: O'Reilly employees cannot be nominated.)

    OSCON Data 2011, being held July 25-27 in Portland, Ore., is a gathering for developers who are hands-on, doing the systems work and evolving architectures and tools to manage data.

    Save 20% on registration with the code OS11RAD

    June 10 2011

    Why data and Java deserved OSCON sub-conferences

    In this inaugural OSCON 2011 sneak peek podcast, Edd Dumbill and I talk about the history and evolution of OSCON (now in its 13th year) and our reasons for moving data and Java into their own sub-conferences.

    Specific topics addressed in the 16-minute podcast include:

    We'll be posting bi-weekly podcasts with teasers and highlights as we approach OSCON (July 25-29 in Portland, Ore.)

    Podcast production by Rich Goyette Audio.

    OSCON 2011 — Join today's open source innovators, builders, and pioneers July 25-29 as they gather at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Ore.

    Save 20% on registration with the code OS11RAD

    March 02 2011

    Inviting participation in OSCON Data

    There are as many ways to collect, store and analyze data as there are companies who found themselves a sea on disks full of information. In considering the breadth of OSCON, Edd Dumbill and I found there were several topics this year that needed their own space. This year we're proud to announce the call for participation for OSCON Data: a new conference focusing on the practical nuts and bolts of dealing with data.

    In February this year, Strata focused on the business of data, focusing on applications and techniques for making data work. We believe it's important to complement this higher altitude look with a deep technical dive. OSCON Data addresses the operational and infrastructure matters of data, from disks to databases and message queues to big data clusters. We'll be co-located with OSCON in Portland, Ore. this July, and we'll share the same open source foundation and flavor.

    Chaired by myself and Bradford Stephens, OSCON Data will be presented by and curated for the people who do the systems work and evolve architectures and tools to solve the problems of the data deluge. Bring your databases, your NoSQL stores, your new filesystems or your streaming data, your operational best practices for petabytes of data — we're collecting these conversations and presentations in a single space. All the love of OSCON (just down the hall), but with more focus on data.

    The call for participation for OSCON Data opened yesterday, and will close on March 14. We will be pulling proposals from OSCON into OSCON Data where the subject matter is appropriate, so there isn't a need to submit again.

    Data isn't the only topic getting its own space. Look out soon for news of the same for Java. In the meantime, save these dates:

    • OSCON Data July 25-27, 2011
    • OSCON Java July 25-27, 2011
    • OSCON July 25-29, 2011

    And in case you missed Strata this year, you can get videos of all the presentations.

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