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April 18 2012

What responsibilities and challenges come with open government?

A historic Open Government Partnership launched in New York City last September with 8 founding countries. Months later representatives from 73 countries and 55 governments have come together to present their open government action plans and formally endorse the principles in the Open Government Partnership. Yesterday, hundreds of attendees from government, civil society, media and the private sector watched in person and online as Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff spoke about her country's efforts to root out corruption and engage the Brazilian people in governance and more active citizenship. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton preceded her, defining an open or closed society as a key dividing line of the 21st century.

Today's agenda includes more regional breakouts and an opening plenary session on the "Responsibility and Challenges that Come with Openness." If you have an Internet connection, you should be able to watch the discussion in the embedded player below:

Watch live streaming video from ogp2012 at

The plenary will feature Walid al-Saqaf of & Alkasir, minister Francis Maude from the United Kingdom, Tunisian Secretary of State Ben Abbes, and Fernando Rodrigues, and investigative journalist from Folha de São Paulo in Brazil.

The liveblog of the entire proceedings is embedded below.

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