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July 18 2013

Science Podcast - interdisciplinary buildings, the Ismuthus of Panama, and atmospheric loss on Mars (19 July 2013)

Maria-Paz Gutierrez talks about sustainable architecture; Richard Stone describes the ongoing debate about an isthmus miracle; Christopher Webster discusses the isotope ratio of Mars' atmosphere.

February 15 2013

Science Podcast - Scars of Human Evolution - AAAS Meeting [Feb 15, 2013]

Science’s Ann Gibbons speaks with Bruce Latimer and Jeremy DeSilva at the AAAS meeting in Boston about the scars of human evolution, including backs, feet, and the risks of childbirth.
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January 03 2013

Science Podcast - Psychology of change, negative absolute temperature, & the death of a star (4 Jan 2013)

Listen to stories on the end of history illusion, negative absolute temperatures, the death of a star, and more.

January 29 2010

The State of the Union and Campaign Finance

The State of the Union and Campaign Finance

April 19 2009

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'Past is present in Latin America' by Ramón Rivas

on the realnews network - permalink

At Summit Obama interested in looking forward, while many live the past every day - El Salvador report

Historic power shift in El Salvador
Journalist leads former guerrilla army to left's first presidential victory in country's history

In their first ever meeting, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave US President Barack Obama a copy of Eduardo Galeano's classic historical essay, Open Veins of Latin America. A best-seller in Latin America, the book is arguably the most complete history of imperialism in the region. And the move by Chavez represents the importance of understanding the context of the rise of the left in Latin America if you want to work with Latin America. But when Obama got to the podium, he announced "I didn't come here to debate the past, I came here to deal with the future." The most recent country to join Latin America's leftist block is El Salvador, with the election of the FMLN's Mauricio Funes to the presidency. Salvadoran anthropologist Ramón Rivas believes that the only way mutual understanding can be achieved is with a commitment to understanding the present, by learning the past.

see also concerning the latest elections:

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Historic power shift in El Salvador
Journalist leads former guerrilla army to left's first presidential victory in country's history

March 19 2009

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The Pentagon buying time in Iraq

March 02 2009

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Campaign to close the School of the Americas Pt.2

February 27 2009

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Campaign to close down School of The Americas
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February 26 2009

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