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June 20 2012

Four short links: 20 June 2012

  1. Researcher Chats To Hacker Who Created The Virus He's Researching -- Chicken: I didn’t know you can see my screen. Hacker: I would like to see your face, but what a pity you don’t have a camera.
  2. Economist on QR Codes -- Three-quarters of American online retailers surveyed by Forrester, a research firm, use them. In April nearly 20% of smartphone users in America scanned one, up from 14% in May last year.
  3. Reconstructing the Ruins of Warsaw -- what an amazing accomplishment!
  4. The Great German Energy Experiment (Technology Review) -- political will: the risk and the successes. Certainly a huge gulf between Germany and America in where they are, and political will to be more renewable.

March 30 2012

Naomi Campbell on Herb Ritts, a photographer and friend

'He wanted to recreate you, to change you, to bring about another image'

I started working with Herb Ritts in 1988 when I was 18. Herb always pushed you. He wanted to recreate you, to change you, to bring about another image of you. That's what it was all about for me.

Herb Ritts shoots often happened in the afternoon on the roof of his studio on LA's Santa Monica Boulevard – he liked that golden light. In the photo of me here, I was melting in those boots. The whole shoot was about patent leather, and we were in the sun on his studio roof. The poses could be very hard. You'd be in a lot of pain and the sun would be beating down, but Herb would say, "Just give me a little more time – I'm going to get it." You never showed the pain. You wanted to get the shot. He was charming – one of the nicest people in the world – so you wanted him to be happy. He could talk me in to anything.

Herb saw women as beautiful objects and liked to make us look like sculptures. He always wanted the pictures to be as flattering as possible. He was very particular and a perfectionist, and creatively he was always right. He wanted you to look like a very feminine, elegant, sexy, beautiful woman.

Herb was a great person – no one could say anything other than that. I didn't just hang out with him at work: he always asked me to stay with him when I travelled to LA, and we'd go to the theatre when he was in New York. I was close to his mum, Shirley, and when I went out to South Africa for the very first time, I invited Herb. He was the one who got the official shots of Mandela and me.

I miss him. When he died, I was lucky that a friend gave me his jacket and his hat, and I also have a few of his prints of me. He was someone who was very optimistic, always encouraging me to do singing or dancing, the things he knew I'd learned as a child. Looking at the Getty book made me realise that in fashion you don't see that type of picture any more. He's definitely missed.

The photograph above is taken from the book Herb Ritts: LA Style, published next month by Getty Publications. An accompanying exhibition runs at the J Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Centre, Los Angeles, from 3 April to 26 August. © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

Herb Ritts: supermodels and superstars – in pictures

Herb Ritts shot some of the biggest names in fashion and film - and here are just some of his subjects, from Cindy Crawford to Richard Gere

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