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June 11 2011


Idlib province, which is only 45 minutes from Aleppo is the eye of the hurricane. The government is poring troops into the region to make sure it remains under firm control. Syria cannot afford to lose territory where an insurgency or rebel army might emerge. Damascus will do everything it can to preclude the formation of a Benghazi, which would allow foreign intelligence agencies and governments to begin arming and training a rebel army, as happened in Libya.

Syria Comment » Archives » Idlib and Aleppo | blog 2011-06-10

March 02 2011


U.S. Silent on Deadly Iraqi Gov't Crackdown on Protests; 300 Arrested in Sweeps Targeting - permalink

While the United States has sharply criticized the Libyan government for brutally cracking down on opposition protesters, it has remained noticeably silent on the recent attacks against Iraqi dissidents. On Friday, tens of thousands of people participated in Iraq's largest protest in years. Although the protests were largely peaceful, authorities fired water cannons, sound bombs and live bullets to disperse crowds as Iraqi army helicopters buzzed overhead, killing an estimated 29 people. Then on Sunday, U.S.-backed Iraqi security forces detained about 300 people, including prominent journalists, artists and lawyers who had taken part in the rallies.

For more on this story, Democracy Now! interviews Iraqi-American blogger Raed Jarrar and Samer Muscati, Iraq researcher with Human Rights Watch.

For the video/audio podcast, transcript, to sign up for the daily news digest, for more coverage of the uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa, visit
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January 18 2011


Juan Cole: Tunisian Revolution Shakes, Inspires Middle East | Juan Cole's Columns - Truthdig - 20110118

The Tunisian uprising that overthrew the 23-year-old regime of strongman Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali had resonances throughout the Middle East. Leaders of countries invested in the region’s authoritarian and highly unequal status quo rejected the political revolution, while groups and states that want change welcomed it. The spectacle of masses of demonstrators pouring down Bourguiba Avenue on Friday, overwhelming security forces and putting the president to flight, raised the hopes of the dispossessed and the downtrodden, even as it inspired a gathering dread in the breasts of the region’s dictators and absolute monarchs. Whether or not, as many observers rushed to predict, a wave of discontent will radiate from Tunis throughout the Arab world (and there are reasons to be cautious about that prospect), the “Jasmine Revolution” is a Rorschach test for distinguishing reactionaries from innovators in the region.



// oanth - A survey on the reactions and estimations in the Middle East & Maghreb region

May 30 2010

Venise, trente ans après...

Réunis les 12 et 13 juin 1980 à Venise, les chefs d'Etat et de gouvernement des neuf pays membres de la Communauté économique européenne (France, Royaume-Uni, Pays-Bas, Allemagne, Belgique, Luxembourg, Italie, Danemark, Irlande) adoptaient une déclaration sur le Proche-Orient qui devait faire date. Les points 6 et 7 précisaient : « 6. Le problème palestinien, qui n'est pas un simple problème de réfugiés, doit enfin trouver une juste solution. Le peuple palestinien, qui a conscience d'exister en tant (...) - Nouvelles d'Orient / Europe communautaire, Israël, Proche-Orient, Conflit israélo-arabe

February 22 2009

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Russia postpones Iran missile deal

January 31 2009

January 17 2009

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January 03 2009

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Israel's politics spill into Gaza
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