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November 06 2013

Women in Open Source (Open Web Vancouver 09) by Angela_Byron

Women in Open Source (Open Web Vancouver 09) by #Angela_Byron

Angela Byron in Open Web Vancouver 2009 conference. It touches the problematic of the low women involvement in Open Source, possible reasons and solutions

Les slides et plus :

1,5% de #femmes dans le #logiciel_libre, alors ? libre pour qui et pour quoi ?

August 19 2013

pdf2htmlEX by coolwanglu

pdf2htmlEX by coolwanglu

pdf2htmlEX renders PDF files in HTML, utilizing modern Web technologies, aims to provide an accuracy rendering, while keeping optimized for Web display.

pdf2htmlEX is best for text-based PDF files, for example scientific papers with complicated formulas and figures. Text, fonts and formats are natively perserved in HTML such that you can still search and copy.

#web #logiciel #pdf #html #datas #logiciel_libre #0pen_Source

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August 07 2013

Encore un lien venant de monoskop ( ❝The issue explores the contemporary ability of Free Software…

Encore un lien venant de monoskop (

The issue explores the contemporary ability of Free Software to constitute a form of epistemological and material critique of contemporary societies. It does so with five research papers and three pieces in a “debate section”.

An Introduction to “The Critical Power of Free Software: from Intellectual Property to Epistemologies?”
The issue explores the ability of FLOSS to constitute an epistemological and material critique of contemporary societies.

Papiers :

P2P Search as an Alternative to Google: Recapturing Network Value through Decentralized Search

Free Software and the Law. Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: How Shaking up Intellectual Property Suits Competition Just Fine

The Ethic of the Code: An Ethnography of a ‘Humanitarian Hacking’ Community

From Free Software to Artisan Science

Free Software Trajectories: From Organized Publics to Formal Social Enterprises?

There Is No Free Software.

Desired Becomings

An Envisioning of Free Software’s Potential as a Form of Ccultural, Practical, and Material Critique: A New Perspective on the Implications of FS Peer Production for Social Change?

#logiciel_libre #free_software #société #ethnographie

July 17 2013

Un sommet du Mercosur se tient à Montevideo et le logiciel_libre fait partie de la déclaration…

Un sommet du Mercosur se tient à Montevideo et le #logiciel_libre fait partie de la déclaration finale du sommet (APRIL)

45. Apoyaron el desarrollo de software libre, que permitirá potenciar el desarrollo regional de soluciones en materia de Tecnología de la Información y las Comunicaciones (TICs), a fin de lograr una verdadera apropiación, promoción del libre conocimiento y transferencia tecnológica, reduciendo la dependencia de soluciones provistas por trasnacionales del sector o por empresas no dispuestas a respetar las industrias nacientes de la región.
Afirmaron el interés de promover el uso de software libre en los programas nacionales destinados a la inclusión digital.
Ratificaron la necesidad de impulsar y fomentar la concreción de normas a nivel del MERCOSUR para la efectiva implementación de políticas de fomento de uso, desarrollo, implementación, investigación y transferencia tecnológica basados en el modelo de software libre.

Traduire en français le point 45 :

Ils ont soutenu le développement du logiciel libre, qui permettra d’activer le développement régional de solutions en matière de Technologies de l’Information et des Communications (TICs), afin d’atteindre une véritable appropriation, promotion de la connaissance libre et transfert technologique, réduisant la dépendance à des solutions fournies par des multinationales du secteur ou des entreprises non disposées à respecter les nouvelles industries de la région.
Ils ont affirmé la nécessité de promouvoir l’usage de logiciels libres dans les programmes nationaux destinés à l’inclusion numérique.
Ils ont ratifié la nécessité de stimuler et de favoriser la consolidation de normes au niveau du #MERCOSUR pour la mise en œuvre effective de politiques visant à promouvoir l’utilisation, le développement, la mise en œuvre, la recherche et le transfert technologique basés sur le modèle du logiciel libre.

cc @severo

July 14 2013

*Legal aspects of free and open source software COMPILATION OF BRIEFING NOTES - 2013-07-09*

Legal aspects of free and open source software COMPILATION OF BRIEFING NOTES - 2013-07-09

participants: Eben Moglen, Ian Sullivan, Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, Calro Piana, Rishab Ghosh, Philippe Laurent

Carlo Piana - 2013-07-09: “A primer on Free Software licensing I wrote, in the briefing papers of the Workshop at EU Parliament. Go an read it. [...] I hope it’s useful, especially for those who are not really conversant with the matter and need some solid, yet simple, explanation. There is too much rubbish around.”



Legal aspects of free and open source software COMPILATION OF BRIEFING NOTES - 2013-07-09 [Pdf]


The public drafting and discussion of GPLv3 in 2006-07 was a landmark in nongovernmental transnational lawmaking. Free and open source software production communities are held together by copyright licensing, as are free cultural production communities like Wikipedia. Their efforts to improve those licenses—to increase their utility in multiple legal systems, to take account of technical and economic changes in the field, and to increase their efficiency of operation and enforcement—are among the most important examples of genuinely democratic, participatory law-making that we have experienced so far in the 21st century. In the interest of improving both the European Parliament’s access to the details of this particular process, and to assist it in self-scrutiny, with respect to its extraordinary consistency in missing its opportunities in this area, Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) submits the records of this process, which it assisted its client, the Free Software Foundation, to design and execute.



#FOSS #LAW #free_software #open_source #licence #Europe #EC
#droit #logiciel_libre #CE
#Recht #Europa #EU #Lizenz

July 09 2013

July 07 2013

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