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January 27 2009

Alarabiya via CNN: Obama reaches out to Muslims

Obama reaches out to Muslims 17:28 / The whole interview! / U.S. President Barack Obama talks to Al-Arabiya about his desire to improve ties with Muslim world.
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January 24 2009

George Mitchell: The Role of the U.S. in a Changing World - 2008-10-22 -

On 22nd of January 2009 the special envoy for the Middle East George Mitchell was named in the State Department - This speech on the role of the US under changing international and national conditions was held in October 2008 - The Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, CA, Oct 22nd, 2008, George Mitchell shares his thoughts on the direction our nation should be taking. Mitchell's mission is to ensure the U.S. remains a leader in brokering peace and ensuring the safety and viability of populations. As congressman, Mitchell was named most respected member six times. He helped broker peace in Northern Ireland and worked to discover a path to peace in the Middle East. Most recently, he led an investigation into the illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball.
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January 23 2009

Jimmy Carter's Wise Counsel - - 2009-01-21

File:Living us presidents 2009.jpg
Photo: Wikipedia under CC License Attribution 2.0

"... Standing apart from the others in the summit photo — and looking mighty uncomfortable — was Jimmy Carter. Could it be that the interventionism, actual or professed, of all the others made him a little squeamish? While not perfect, Carter — in keeping with the original vision of the nation’s Founders — exhibited more restraint militarily than the rest. Although he began giving aid to the Afghan mujahadeen, his objective was to annoy the Soviets and give them another Vietnam..."

Editor’s Note: The Washington Establishment is divided among those who want President Barack Obama to pursue the “realist” foreign policy of George H.W. Bush, those who favor the neo-liberal policies of Bill Clinton and those who still want George W. Bush’s neocon approach (albeit a bit toned-down).

However, in this guest essay, the Independent Institute’s Ivan Eland says Obama would be well advised to seek advice from another former President, Jimmy Carter:

January 22 2009

Hillary Rodham Clinton, now Secretary of State, two years ago -

Council on Foreign Relations New York, NY Oct 31st, 2006 Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York (D) discusses the foreign policy challenges facing the United States, including the war in Iraq, the situation in Afghanistan, Iran's nuclear ambitions, and how to deal with North Korea. Peter G. Peterson, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, presides.
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