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October 18 2010

Bookish Techy Week in Review

Another bookish-techy week has come and gone, with plenty of news from the future of publishing. Here are some of the highlights:

Good news for ebooks in general

E book sales for January-August 2010 represented $263 million, compared to $89.8 million from January-August 2009, representing an overall increase for the category of 193% over the same period last year.

Great news for Amazon/Kindle

Not such great news for iBookstore

The iBookstore six months after launch: One big failure

HP's POD pilots takes flight

This semester, Hewlett Packard (HP) is conducting print-on-demand pilots at three universities.

Libraries checking out new e-acquisitions model

Patron-Driven Ebook Model Simmers as Ebrary Joins Ranks

Craig Mod suggests only you can prevent bad ereaders

The ereader incompetence checklist (for discerning consumers, editors, publishers and designers)

Dear Author's Jane Litte advises would-be Android readers

Here are some things to look for when determining whether a particular Android tablet would be a good reader for you.

Julietta Leonetti offers an excellent analysis of how the ebook industry is (slowly) taking shape in Argentina

In Argentina, E-books Are Sexy! (But You Can't Find Them Anywhere)

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