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October 04 2011



DG: It is organically happening but there are definite problems that occur. We found this back in the days of the globalization movement. Unions were very supportive and provided resources but they’re very different organizations. The real difficulty is how to work with people who are top-down and have a funding base, as it means there are things they can say in public and things they can’t, and groups where people can say whatever they want and the whole idea is to be decentralized. One problem I’ve already heard of is that people are coming in and changing the tenor of the general assemblies to speeches, and that’s not really what it’s supposed to be about. So you have to balance the aspect where you’re trying to show what direct democracy could be like and the effort to link up with groups that have a form of organization we’ve rejected.




this entry is part of the OccupyWallStreet compilation 2011-09/10, here.

‘You’re creating a vision of the sort of society you want to have in miniature.’ | David Graeber - The Washington Post 2011-10-03

November 07 2010

Au moyen d’une tromperie grossière on arrive parfois en période de crise à faire croire à l’individu qu’il défend l’intérêt du groupe et se sacrifie pour un ensemble, alors que cet ensemble étant déjà organisé sous forme d’une hiérarchie de dominance, c’est en fait à la défense d’un système hiérarchique qu’il sacrifie sa vie. Enfin le groupe constituant un système fermé, entre en compétition avec les autres systèmes fermés qui constituent les autres groupes, etc., et un discours logique trouve toujours un alibi indiscutable pour motiver le meurtre de l’autre ou son asservissement.
— Henri Laborit, Eloge de la fuite, 1976
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