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July 29 2010

Which Social Gaming companies are Hiring

Disney's announced purchase of Mountain View gaming startup Playdom, follows on the heels of EA's purchase of London-based Playfish last November. Based on active users Zynga remains by far the biggest online social gaming company, but what other independent companies are growing?

To see which companies are expanding, I used our data warehouse of online job postings1 to detect recent hiring2. Zynga and Playdom put out the most job postings over the last three months, with (Redwood City startup) Watercooler finishing a distant third3:


While I focused on online social gaming companies, I checked to see which companies were showing interest in games for smartphones, and found not too many were mentioning the iPhone or Android platforms on their job posts. Outside of Zynga, Playdom and Popcap Games, none of the other companies had (many) job postings that mentioned the iPhone/iPad or Android platforms4:


(1) Data for this post if for U.S. online job postings through 7/25/2010 and is maintained in partnership with We use algorithms to dedup job posts: a single job posting can contain multiple jobs and appear on multiple job sites.

(2) Online job postings are from thousands of sources, and there are no standardized data formats (e.g., a field for company name). I quickly normalized company names for this post, but the results remain best approximations.

(3) Our data is for U.S. online job postings, so does not reflect hiring for overseas subsidiaries (e.g., Playfish/EA is based in London). Moreover, we did not include social gaming companies based outside the U.S. In the Facebook ecosystem, some of the top gaming companies have headquarters in East Asia and South America.

(4) iPhone does seem to be the (smartphone) platform of choice for these companies. Of the Jan-to-Jul 2010 job posts placed by the companies listed above, 23% mentioned the iPhone/iPad and only 2% mentioned the Android.

July 21 2010

Where Facebook's half a billion users reside

Facebook announced this morning that they now reach 500 million active users (just five and half years after launching). But where do these half a billion users reside? Refreshing my post from February, the share of users from Asia continues to rise and now stands at 17% of all Facebook users1.


Africa is the other fast-growth region and I'm expecting the region's share of active Facebook users to rise sharply over the next year. In terms of market potential, the number of active users in Asia is 2.3% of the population (1% in Africa) so the company still has lots of growth potential in the region:


The share of users age 18-25 remains higher in regions outside the U.S., especially in Asia, the Middle East / North Africa, Africa, and South America. 14% of users in the U.S. are 55 or older, the corresponding figure in Asia is 2% (in Europe and Africa it's 6%, in the M. East/N. Africa it's 3%, in South America it's 4% ). [For recent growth rates by age group, click HERE.]


Over the past 12 weeks, Facebook added over a million active users in fourteen countries, including 5 in Asia and all three members of NAFTA:


I close with a list of countries where Facebook is growing the fastest2:


(1) Data for this post is through the week ending 7/18/2010 and covers the 180+ countries where Facebook has a presence.

(2) Measured in terms of percentage change in active users over the last 12 weeks.

March 17 2010

Google's New Marketplace Has over a Thousand Apps

One week into its public launch, the Google Apps Marketplace has just under 1,500 (enterprise) apps. Combined with's app exchange (also with over a thousand apps), enterprises interested in moving to cloud apps have an increasing number of software tools to choose from.


Popular apps (measured in terms of # of installs) includes graphic design and office integration apps (aviary design suite and offisync), a collaboration and project management tool (manymoon), a free travel planner (tripit), a basic ERP app (, and a CRM application (Zoho CRM).

The typical supplier has about 2 offerings in the Google Apps Marketplace. Below are the suppliers with the most number of unique apps:


(†) Data for this post was through 2/16/2010.

March 03 2010

1 in 4 Facebook Users Come From Asia or the Middle East

Asia's share of the more than 400 million active Facebook users recently surged past 15%:


With a market penetration of 1.7% in Asia and Africa, the company has barely scratched the surface in both regions. While the company continued to add users in Southeast Asia, there were an additional 2.3 million users from South Asia over the past 12 weeks. In fact according to Alexa, Facebook has already overtaken Orkut in India. It didn't take long for Facebook to threaten Friendster's leadership position in Southeast Asia so something similar was likely to happen in India. But I thought it would take them longer to overtake Orkut in India.

The share of users from the Middle East / North Africa remains stable (at just over 8%) and the region had the second fastest-growth rate over the past 12 weeks:


As was the case in my previous post, the share of users age 18-25 remains higher in regions outside the U.S., especially in Asia, the Middle East / North Africa, Africa, and South America. [For recent growth rates by age group, click HERE.]


While Asia and the Middle East are the fastest-growth regions, Facebook continues to add users everywhere. Eastern Europe continued to be fertile territory, with the company close to doubling its active members in Romania (up 86% over the last 12 weeks). Below is a list of fastest-growth countries in each region:


(†) Speaking of Orkut, for what it's worth, Facebook added 800,000 active users in Brazil over the past 12 weeks.

Reposted bymenphrad menphrad

November 20 2009

Asia Continues to be Facebook's Strongest Growth Region

With Facebook topping 330 million active users over the past week, the company's strongest growth region continues to be Asia. Over the last 12 weeks, Facebook added close to 17M active users in Asia alone. Since my previous post, the share of active users from Asia grew by 2% (to 13.5% of all users), and roughly 1 in 7 users now come from the region. With a market penetration under 2%, Facebook is poised to add many more users in Asia (and Africa).


Compared to the U.S., the proportion of Facebook users in their teens (13-17) or in the 18-25 age group are much higher in Asia:


As was the case in other parts of the world, expect the share of users 45 and older to climb as Facebook becomes more mainstream in Asia. Growth was strong across all age groups in Asia over the last 12 weeks, particularly among teens (+90%) and the 18-25 age group (+60%).


In other regions, notably North America, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, growth in the 18-25 age bracket, lagged behind users 45 and older.

In closing I want to highlight countries (within several regions) where Facebook has been growing rapidly:


In Europe, growth has been fastest in the East: as an example, the number of active users in Poland doubled over the last 12 weeks. Growth in Southeast Asia remains strong in countries that have been home to Friendster's core user base. While Facebook added over 800,000 active users in Brazil, for now Orkut remains the dominant social network in South America's most populous country.

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