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May 28 2010

Korea Family Feud

(Global Pulse: May 28, 2010) After the South Korean warship Cheonan sunk -- allegedly due to a North Korean torpedo -- the West was unanimous in its judgment of North Korea's guilt, and quick to spin different theories on the motive for the attack. But, some South Koreans aren't so sure, thinking the attack too neat a coincidence with the looming elections, and finding the evidence murky. The plot thickens.SOURCES: KBS, South Korea; KCTV, North Korea; Fox News, U.S; MBC, South Korea; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; BBC, U.K.; CCTV, China.

May 27 2010

Democracy Now! 2010-05-27 Thursday

Democracy Now! 2010-05-27 Thursday

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April 09 2010

WikiLeaks Video: Exception or Example? (~13 min) 20100408

Monday's revelation of a videotape of U.S. soldiers shooting unarmed Iraqi civilians is still reverberating around the country. The Wikileaks video is raising questions about procedure, the rules of engagement, and even freedom of speech and of the press. Most importantly, though, people seem to be asking whether this is an aberration in behavior, a few soldiers overreacting or misbehaving, or the normal procedure for action in Iraq. Joining us to discuss are Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films, who was in Iraq and visited the scene of the shootings just the day after they happened, and senior fellow at Peace Action, Raed Jarrar.

Die Times hyperventiliert über Wikileaks, dass die ...

Die Times hyperventiliert über Wikileaks, dass die Schwarte nur so kracht. Money Quote:
Wikileaks said that it had to break through encryption by the American military to view the video of the US air crew shooting Iraqi journalists and civilians. It remains unclear if the group received an encrypted video from an anonymous source, or whether it hacked through the Pentagon's firewalls to obtain the footage.
Immerhin ist der letzte Satz im Artikel nicht völlig Murdoch-isiert worden:
The US joins a long list of states to take issue with the site. China, North Korea, Thailand, Zimbabwe and Russia, have tried to block access to Wikileaks after disclosures on the site.
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April 05 2010

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Al-Jazeera-Interview with Julien Assange from Wikileaks - 20100405 - yt video permalink

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jredepenning #wikileaks Video torrent (Short Version)

Boomel RT @d6286: #Wikileaks video does not appear in Youtube search + view counter is frozen to keep popularity down RT!

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