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August 09 2013

Miss Islande dans le viseur des féministes

Miss Islande dans le viseur des féministes

Alors que le concours de Miss Italie va disparaître de la télévision publique, son homologue islandais est sous le feu des critiques. C’est le Wall Street Journal qui le rapportait le 26 juillet. Plusieurs militant(e)s affichent clairement leur objectif : la mort du concours.

Ils ont profité d’une récente déclaration de l’organisateur de Miss Islande, qui a assuré que le concours n’avait pas à mettre en valeur le cliché nordique de la grande blonde aux yeux bleus. « Il n’y a pas de stéréotype de Miss Islande », avait déclaré Rafn Rafnsson.

Prenant ces mots au pied de la lettre, des centaines de femmes de tous âges et de tous profils - dont une parlementaire, une pasteure, une doyenne de 80 ans - mais aussi quelques hommes se sont inscrits aux sélections du concours qui se tiendra en septembre.

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July 28 2013

The Biology Files : Teaching my sexist sons that feminism has no gonadal requirements for entry

The Biology Files: Teaching my sexist sons that feminism has no gonadal requirements for entry

My sons are collectively a sexist bunch, and I cannot quite pinpoint why that is. Their doctors—pediatric urologists, developmental pediatricians, pediatric ENTs, two of three pediatricians—have all been women. They are surrounded on all sides by women who hold advanced degrees, some in science or medicine, who have careers, who have demonstrated the possibilities. Yet they will still assume that women can’t do certain things that men can. They’ve said—after all those doctors—that women can’t be doctors. We’ve even argued over whether or not women can pee standing up. Of course, we can. It’s just harder for us to hit the tree.

The Viking (my husband) and I can’t quite figure out the origins of their seemingly innate sexism. We wonder if it’s us, somehow. I’ve never discouraged my sons from whatever interest attracted them, but they also never showed any interest in the more nurturing side of play, including dolls or related toys. One confounder here is that my two older sons never did much imaginary play of any kind, so dolls weren’t even on the radar. My youngest loves a good kitchen, so of course we went crazy and stocked out a full Doug and Melissa kitchen complete with every kitchen set they offer, from pizza to cake.


Tags: feminisme
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