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April 26 2010

February 04 2010


Mia Doi Todd x Gondry ( : We recently premiered your new music video for “Open Your Heart” with the original song that you wrote. It is so vivid and the level of craft that went into that piece is impressive. Can you share how was it working with Michel Gondry on this project? What were some of the challenges and was it a fulfilling collaboration and one you would do again?

Mia Doi Todd : Making the “Open Your Heart” video was epic. Michel had had the color concept of the video for many years but hadn’t managed to realize it yet. He proposed the idea to me, and I took up the challenge to write a new song that would be vibrant, upbeat and universal to match the visual palette. I wrote “Open Your Heart” and recorded a demo version with Money Mark. Meanwhile, Michel had assembled a rainbow of clothing and along with a great costume team, we sewed all the 100 outfits for the video. I designed and sewed my own dress. Michel and I went out location scouting around my neighborhood, looking for unassuming urban settings with interesting or else very mundane architectural elements. We knew that concrete surroundings would show off the colors of the costumes, and we wanted to find staircases where we could assemble our rainbow. LA is such a driving city, that the landscape is often out of human proportion and gets lost in the rush. The video would bring the human element back to those spaces. I have lived in LA most of my life, and its images are deeply imprinted in me. It was a great opportunity to share with Michel some of the hidden city. The days for shooting were quickly approaching, and we did not have a final version of the song. We decided to go ahead with the shooting schedule and make a new challenge for Jon Brion. He would produce and orchestrate the track after the video was edited and customize the sounds and arrangements to the images.

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