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July 01 2013

Hypocrisy all around and why industrial espionage is not comparable to mass surveillance :

Hypocrisy all around and why industrial espionage is not comparable to mass surveillance:

While I happily keep giving the #USA the bashing they deserve about mass #surveillance of citizens, you won't hear me cast the first stone about industrial #espionage – for well-known reasons.

While direct evidence of my own country's industrial espionage activities rarely surfaces, we sometimes hear echoes of what goes on under the tables – take for example the testimony of Orbital High-Technology Bremen (#OHB) CEO, Berry #Smutny to the US Embassy in Berlin ( on 2009-11-20:

Smutny frankly said “#France is the evil empire stealing technology and #Germany knows this”, but Germany´s decentralized government is not willing to do much about it. Going on at length of his despise of the French, Smutny said French IPR espionage is so bad that the total damage done to the German economy is greater the that inflicted by China or Russia.

Sure, this quote being in the context of sales by OHB to the US government, it is likely to be biased toward exaggeration – but such open expression of defiance from very close allies of France is nevertheless a strong hint that righteous outrage from French sources about industrial espionage is laughably hypocritical.

In addition, industrial espionage should be kept in perspective : it is not even comparable to mass surveillance – let's not dilute the evil of mass surveillance by amalgamating it with industrial espionage ! While corporate actors are strong enough to thrive on their own in a state of information warfare, citizens are not – they need political diligence toward a strong framework of laws and regulations consistent with human rights and ensuring adequate protection of the rights to privacy and freedom of expression:

February 28 2013

Science Podcast - Van Allen belts, wild pollinators, cyber attacks, and more (1 Mar 2013)

Early findings from the newly-launched Van Allen Probes; why wild insects may be just as important as honeybees in agricutultural pollination; investigating allegations of cyber attacks by China; and more.
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