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September 28 2013

Annonce de Nouvelle Association pour un Art Soc...

Annonce de Nouvelle Association pour un Art Soc...

“Nous sommes enthousiastes pour annoncer le lancement de l’Association ABOG pour l’Art Socialement Engagé. Sept Camarades seront choisis pour recevoir une bourse sans restriction de 20,000 $ pour réaliser un projet novateur sur base communautaire. (...)”

“We are excited to announce the launch of the ABOG Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art. Seven Fellows will be selected to receive an unrestricted stipend of $20,000 to realize an innovative community-based project. (...)”

Vangauguin’s insight:
L’art de galeries de bourgeois, pour investisseurs fiscalement exilés, ca suffit!

#art #politique #changement #solidarité #engagement #culture #socialisme #société #artivisme #Artpol #vangauguin #ABOG

April 19 2012

Four short links: 19 April 2012

  1. Superfastmatch -- open source text comparison tool, used to locate plagiarism/churnalism in online news sites. You can pull out the text engine and use it for your own "find where this text is used elsewhere" applications (e.g., what's being forwarded out in email, how much of this RFP is copy and paste, what's NOT boilerplate in this contract, etc.). (via Pete Warden)
  2. Ten Design Principles for Engaging Math Tasks (Dan Meyer) -- education gold, engagement gold, and some serious ideas you can use in your own apps.
  3. Clustering Related Stories (Jenny Finkel) -- description of how to cluster related stories, talks about some of the tricks. Interesting without being too scary.
  4. Prince of Persia (GitHub) -- I have waited to see if the novelty wore off, but I still find this cool: 1980s source code on GitHub.

January 20 2011

Pages before ads and other Facebook marketing tips

Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) and Alison Zarrella (@alison), co-authors of "The Facebook Marketing Book," discuss what Facebook can and cannot do for businesses in the following interview. Most importantly, they explain why Facebook pages — not the ads — should be the focus of Facebook campaigns.

What sets Facebook apart from Google, Twitter and other online marketing tools?

Just a disgusting advertising & marketing
 PR article for fb

really a necessity for poor O'Reilly?

absolutely not worth in my tumblelog!

--  CENSORSHIP ---------------

by oanth - censorship dep for PR & Ads



April 05 2010

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