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February 29 2012



(J)udicial powers should be wrestled back from Strasbourg and courts given enhanced latitude in interpreting decisions, according to a leaked draft of the British plan for reforming the European court of human rights.

The 12-page document circulated to the other 46 member states of the Council of Europe is intended to cut the backlog of cases waiting to be heard at Strasbourg and empower national courts.

Britain currently holds the council's chair and has embarked on a diplomatic offensive to galvanise support for far-reaching reform of the court.


The paper, titled High Level Conference on the Future of the European Court of Human Rights, will be debated at an international conference in Brighton in April at the end of the UK's six-month term of office.Some details have not been finalised and alternative options are included in certain sections.

It has not been released to parliament but follows along broad lines set out by David Cameron.

The content may nonetheless alarm civil liberties groups who fear that international standards could be diluted in favour of allowing individual states greater leeway on sensitive human rights issues.

The document argues for expanding what is known as the "margin of appreciation", the way in which states may choose how to implement the different articles of the European convention on human rights.

It states: "The principles of subsidiarity and the margin of appreciation should be enhanced by their express inclusion in the convention." It suggests that the "necessary amending instrument" should be endorsed within a year.


Britain plans reform of the European court of human rights | The Guardian - 2012-02-28

February 22 2012


May 04 2011

4541 a02e



Skyscraper project Friedrichstraße, Berlin (unbuilt) by Mies van der Rohe, 1921

 marveled at this (and the model) at bauhaus archiv. If this would have been built, the nazis might have never had a chance. They would have simply exploded!

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April 19 2011


April 07 2011

IFTF-ARPA-Report.jpg (JPEG-Grafik, 1800x1400 Pixel) - Skaliert (70%)

Earlier this week, I posted about the death of Paul Baran, co-inventor of packet switching -- the core technology of the Internet -- and a co-founder of Institute for the Future, the non-profit forecasting thinktank where I'm a research director. Yesterday, as we looked through our library of Baran's brilliant, and still-relevant, research papers, we came across a mind-blowing report from 1971, titled "Toward a Study of Future Urban High-Capacity Telecommunications Systems." At the time, Baran and his IFTF colleagues were considering how the military's ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet, might someday change our everyday lives if it became publicly accessible. This particular report contained a delightfully prophetic page of forecasts titled "Brief Descriptions of Potential Home Information Services." Click here to see a full scan of the page. Here are a few of my favorites (remember, this was 1971!):
 tmp  images iftfbarantelecom * DEDICATED NEWSPAPER. A set of pages with printed and graphic information, possibly including photographs, the organization of which has been predetermined by a user to suit his preferences.

* PLAYS AND MOVIES FROM A VIDEO LIBRARY. Selection of all plays and movies. Color and good sound are required.

* RESTAURANTS. Following a query for a type of restaurant (Japanese, for instance), reservations, menu, prices are shown. Displays of dishes, location of tables, may be included.

* LIBRARY ACCESS. After an interactive "browsing" with a "librarian computer" and a quotation for the cost of hard copy facsimile or a slow-scan video transmission, a book or a magazine is transmitted to the home.

"IFTF Celebrates Paul Baran: Forecasting the Internet" (IFTF, thanks Jean Hagan!)

"Paul Baran obituary" (The Guardian)

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April 21 2010

New Painting
This is my latest painting. I made it for a collective show in Taiwan, China.

Hope you like it!

Acrylics on paper.
52 x 47 cm

April 11 2010

March 26 2010

Service: Geheimdokument zu Sperrplänen der EU auf Deutsch

Hachja, während Markus beim “Oskar der deutschen Medienbranche” darauf wartet, ob dieses bescheidene kleine Blog einen eben solchen verliehen bekommt, darf ich kurz auf die deutschsprachige Fassung eines Dokuments hinweisen, das der AK Zensur gestern bereits im englischen Original veröffentlicht hat.

Bitte sehr, hier ist der ehemals geheime “Entwurf von Schlussfolgerungen [...] zur Bekämpfung der Cyberkriminalität” (PDF, 127kB) des EU-Ministerrats.

Für Details siehe auch die Newsmeldung “EU forciert Pläne zu europaweiten Web-Sperren” bei Heise Online:

Während die Bundesregierung für Deutschland statt des ausgesetzten Websperren-Gesetzes ein Löschgesetz gegen Kinderpornographie vorbereitet, forciert nahezu unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit die Europäische Union ihre Bestrebungen, Darstellungen von Kindesmissbrauch im Web europaweit auszublenden. [...] Bezüglich der Bekämpfung von Missbrauchsdokumentationen im Web sind die Vorstellungen der Ministerrunde eindeutig: Die Entwicklung eines Filtersystems soll forciert vorangetrieben werden.

Dienend, Olaf

Update: Wir haben einen Lead Award in Silber gewonnen! Ich danke Markus, allen Lesern, Autoren und meinen Eltern.

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March 24 2010


March 23 2010

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