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March 13 2010



One of the top trending topics on Twitter right now is Formspring, apparently due to a fake news story circulating on the microblogging service.


Although the piece is alarming at first, a few things should be noted about the alleged news story. There is no record of it on the Associated Press’ main site. Stories without a set date (last week, two days ago) raise a red flag, and the style does not fit in with AP guidelines. (Facebook isn’t capitalized. “Creation of said website” is not typical AP phrasing. “Misleading the public” is not something a news story would cite as a criminal charge.)

Most tellingly, though, the story has not been picked up by any major news outlets or tech sites- something this inflammatory would certainly be a big story. All the links being posted on Twitter lead back to a single source- it appears to be the genesis for this particular rumor.

— the whole thing tourns out to be a fake! read more ... | Formspring prank story plagues Twitter | on The Inquistr 20100312
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