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December 27 2013

Four short links: 27 December 2013

  1. Intel XDKIf you can write code in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript*, you can use the Intel® XDK to build an HTML5 web app or a hybrid app for all of the major app stores. It’s a .exe. What more do I need to say? FFS.
  2. Behind the Scenes of a Dashboard Design — the design decisions that go into displaying complex info.
  3. Superconductora web framework for creating data visualizations that scale to real-time interactions with up to 1,000,000 data points. It compiles to WebCL, WebGL, and web workers. (via Ben Lorica)
  4. BIDMach: Large-scale Learning with Zero Memory Allocation (PDF) — GPU-accelerated machine learning. In this paper we describe a caching approach that allows code with complex matrix (graph) expressions at massive scale, i.e. multi-terabyte data, with zero memory allocation after the initial setup. (via Siah)

August 20 2013

Ouvrir sa propre agence de notation grâce à l'open data ? - Rsln Mag

Ouvrir sa propre agence de notation grâce à l’open data ? - Rsln Mag

Marc Joffe de l’Open Knowledge Foundation a créé un calculateur de risque financier pour les villes californiennes basé sur l’Open Data... De quoi faire la nique à Moody, Fitch ou Standard and Poor. Tags : internetactu2net internetactu fing #opendata #politiquespubliques #villelegere #citelabo (...)


July 31 2012

Four short links: 31 July 2012

  1. Christchurch’s Shot at Being Innovation Central (Idealog) — Christchurch, rebuilding a destroyed CBD after earthquakes, has released plans for the new city. I hope there’s budget for architects and city developers to build visible data, sensors, etc. so the Innovation Precinct doesn’t become the Tech Ghetto.
  2. Torque Pro (Google Play Store) — a vehicle / car performance/diagnostics tool and scanner that uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management/ECU. Can lay out out your dashboards, track performance via GPS, and more. (via Steve O’Grady)
  3. Drone Pilots (NY Times) — at the moment, the stories are all about the technology helping our boys valiantly protecting the nation. Things will get interesting when the new technology is used against us (we just saw the possibility of this with 3D printing guns). (via Dave Pell)
  4. Avalon (GitHub) — A cloud based translation and localization utility for Python which combines human and machine translation. There’s also a how-to. (via Brian McConnell)

March 11 2011

A new focus on user-friendly data analysis

BackType2.pngThe ability to easily extract meaning from unwieldy datasets has become something of a Holy Grail in data analytics. Technologies like Hadoop make it possible to parse big datasets, but the process isn't to the point where an average business user can run reports and conduct analysis.

Roger Ehrenberg, managing partner at IA Ventures, touched on the importance of user interface in a recent interview. He noted that in some ways, we might be developing in the wrong direction:

There's a new-found appreciation for an even greater focus on UI and UX. The experience that a consumer has with a product or application — it's almost as if you need to start there and work backwards as opposed to [saying], "Hey, I've got a cool technology or application. Let's see if this thing works," and then hacking together a UI. Oftentimes, the UI is a secondary consideration and the core technology is the primary. But in many ways you almost want to go the reverse.

The gap between technology and user experience is not lost on developers — or investors. BackType, a social analytics company that developed ElephantDB to export data from Hadoop, just brought in $1 million in investment funding. The company's platform serves as an interface for users to measure social media impact.

The day before BackType announced new funding, HootSuite launched a social analytics dashboard that lets users track social brand performance across platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google. Adobe has also joined the fray with Adobe SocialAnalytics, a service scheduled for later this year that expands on Adobe's SiteCatalyst product and other Adobe Online Marketing Suite tools.

One additional signal to watch: Social data, which is the current focus of most of these companies and dashboards, may ultimately serve as an entry point for different and deeper types of data analysis. Once users get accustomed to asking big questions against big data, they'll likely expand their queries beyond the social realm.


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