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July 03 2013

The Main Currents of Communization : Interview With Benjamin Noys

The Main Currents of Communization: Interview With Benjamin Noys

We could also say the conditions of reading have changed. TC's thesis that the workers' movement and programmatism were both exhausted has become more self-evident. The defeat of the workers' movement in the 1980s, the end of so-called workers' states in 1989, and the general decline and crisis of unions and the left in general all confirm the crisis of the left. At the same time, emerging capitalist crisis put an end to the capitalist triumphalism that had dominated the 1990s. In fact, the reception of communization theory seems very much conditioned by global capitalist crisis. The diagnosis of the structural limits of capitalism's reproduction has gained traction as those limits have become all too visible. Newly emerging forms of struggle, which seemed to operate outside the “traditional” forms of the left, suggest the resonance of communization arguments. From Greece to Northern California, groups drew on communization to theorize these new forms of struggle. Exhaustion with or skepticism of the post-autonomist discourse of the “multitude” might also have played a part. In some ways, then, communization provides a “traditional” but also innovative discourse of class.

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