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September 24 2013

*Les petites écoles d'en bas* Raúl Zibechi

Les petites écoles d’en bas

Raúl Zibechi

Il y aura un avant et un après les petites écoles zapatistes. Pour celles d’aujourd’hui et celles de demain. Leur effet se diffusera lentement et ne sera sensible que dans quelques années, mais il marquera la vie de ceux d’en bas pour les décennies à venir. Nous y avons expérimenté une éducation non institutionnelle, pour laquelle la communauté est actrice de l’éducation. Une auto-éducation où l’on apprend d’égal à égal en s’investissant corps et âme, comme dirait le poète.

Il s’agit d’une « non-pédagogie » qui s’inspire de la culture paysanne : on sélectionne les meilleures semences, on les sème en terre fertile et on arrose le sol afin de provoquer le miracle de la germination, toujours incertain et imprévisible. L’école zapatiste a représenté, pour plus de mille élèves, une forme différente d’apprentissage et d’enseignement, sans tableau ni salle de classe, sans maître ni professeur (...)

#Mexique #zapatistes #éducation #pédagogie #communauté #autonomie

August 18 2013

Le monde qui vient est communautaire - Journal Permanent de l'Humanisme Méthodologique

Le monde qui vient est communautaire - Journal Permanent de l’Humanisme Méthodologique

La mutation la plus profonde se fait au coeur de l’homme et c’est celle de sa position centrale dans les affaires humaines et des communautés comme seul lieu de la condition humaine. Cela change tout du politique, de l’économique, de l’éducation. la confusion générale de nos pays « avancés » y est signe d’arriération à moins de se remettre en question et de refonder nos certitudes communes.

#communauté #sociologie

August 15 2013

*ACHR/DPU Junior Professionals Reporting from the Field* ❝We have the privilege of being the first…

ACHR/DPU Junior Professionals Reporting from the Field

We have the privilege of being the first interns in a collaboration between the Asian Coalition of Housing Rights (ACHR) and the Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU). We are 5 young graduates from DPU working in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines for 6 months, supporting the growth of ACHR in these countries. Our blog reflects on community-led development throughout South-East Asia, and the challenges faced both locally and more generally by the urban poor in their efforts to secure a place for themselves and their families within processes and mechanisms of the reproduction of the city.

Reporting on community-driven strategies to securing housing, land and a stake in (re)production processes of the city



#développement #urbanisme #ville #communauté #participation #carte

cc @reka: je pense que tu vas aimer!

August 05 2013

*Uncertain State : Photography & the crisis in Ireland* ❝How is photography responding to the…

Uncertain State: Photography & the crisis in Ireland

How is photography responding to the crisis? Uncertain State looks at how photographic artists are representing this period of austerity and uncertainty in Ireland. Their work addresses important issues at the heart of where we are now: contested and hidden histories, effects of the global financial crisis and the radically altered social and physical landscapes. The ten artists in Uncertain State go beyond surface readings to reflect the emerging concerns in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland: the treatment of asylum seekers; institutional abuse; sexual abuse; emigration; the legacy of the property crash; identity; disadvantage & marginalisation; and the legacy of conflict.

#photo #photographie #exposition #Irlande #crise


Asylum Archive documents the housing provision for Asylum Seekers around Ireland in the series Direct Provision Hostels
–-> #asile #centres_d'accueil_pour_requérants_d'asile #réfugiés

Eoin Ó Conaill’s new work Reprieve surveys green field sites saved from planned development by the property crash
–-> #champs #urbanisme #propriétés

Doug DuBois’ compelling body of work My Last Day at Seventeen offers a somewhat fictional documentary account of adolescence in Cobh, Cork;
–-> #adolescence

David Farrell’s An Archaeology of the Present records the topography of post crisis Ireland;

Kim Haughton’s sensitive investigation of child abuse – In Plain Sight – presents powerful collaborative portraits of abuse survivors;
–-> #viol #enfant

Paddy Kelly’s photographs of IRA training sites in his series Bogland reflect his attempt to emotionally identify with his father while addressing issues of identity, memory and place
–-> #identité #mémoire #place #lieu

Lauren McGookin uses photography to gain an understanding of her own community’s Loyalist culture in her series Tales and Whispers
–-> #identité #communauté

Paul Nulty charts his mother’s experience as a returning emigrant attempting to settle again in the midlands in his series I’m Looking at our Place
–-> #migration #migration_de_retour #retour

Pete Smyth revisits his portrait of people in his own community in Tallaght after a period of 21 years in his series A View from the Dearth
–-> #communauté #Tallaght

Una Spain records poignant traces from St. Brigid’s de-commisioned Victorian institution for the mentally ill in Ballinasloe.
–-> #hopital #hopital_psychiatrique #Ballinasloe

cc @albertocampiphoto

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