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September 06 2012

Henry, Marxist political economy | driftwork.tumblr

…. There are thus two readings of political economy. The first integrates it with the general movement of the sciences towards scienticity and towards the exclusive reign of objectivity through increased idealisation and mathematization. The critique of political economy is the critique of everything that would retain within itself some relations to human beings, life, and individuals. It is a critique of everything that is irreducible  to the objective, to objective forms, to scientific concepts like productive forces,  relations of production etc, etc. This is a reading of traditional Marxism with its scientific and positivistic aim that culminates in structuralism.  The second the critique of political economy in the (other) Marxist sense, is no longer a naive adherence to scientific construction; instead it is really its deconstruction. It sees the whole economy as a simple value for life, as Ersatz, because each economic entity only has meaning in reference to life, and more essentially; because it proceeds from life at each instance….

Michel Henry - Barbarism. (from the section the ideologies of barbarism)

Henry goes onto say that Marxism is infected with the “defective principles of the Galilean project” (with, that is, science and scientism) where  reality and truth are not found in life but beyond it in another world…. Even though he has already stated that the “second” the critique of political economy does not adhere to this barbaric transcendental project, still Henry wants to say that because history exists there are individuals is not the same as to say because there are living individuals  there is a history…

But of course he is wrong they are equivalent and can and must be understood as the same.


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