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April 13 2011


yt-account: 400KJV

Georg Friedrich Händel
An Oratorio; or Sacred Drama
Words by Thomas Morell

(no information about this interpretation is available - it seems to be recorded in the late 50ies - may be that David Willcocks is the conductor. The whole oratorium from this recording is online on youtube)

The interpretation as such is imho inspite of the relative weak recording quality absolute stunning - on Youtube its the first time I have had the chance to listen to it.

The chosen successional parts 45-53 have a duration of ~35 min.

(The libretto may be also followed on the video screen.)




Scene 3


44. Quartet Zebul
Oh, spare your daughter,

Spare my child,

My love!

Recorded stands my vow in Heav'n above.

Recall the impious vow, ere 'tis too late.

I'll hear no more, her doom is fix'd as fate!

Hamor, Zebul, Storgè
And think not Heav'n delights
In Moloch's horrid rites.

Scene 4

Enter Iphis.

45. Accompagnato

Such news flies swift. I've heard the mournful cause
Of all your sorrows. Of my father's vow
Heav'n spoke its approbation by success.
Jephtha has triumph'd, Israel is free.
For joys so vast too little is the price
Of one poor life. But oh, accept it, Heav'n,
A grateful victim, and thy blessing still
Pour on my country, friends, and dearest father!

46. Air

Happy they! This vital breath
With content I shall resign,
And not murmur or repine,
Sinking in the arms of death.
Happy they. . . da capo

47. Accompagnato

Deeper, and deeper still, thy goodness, child,
Pierceth a father's bleeding heart, and checks
The cruel sentence on my falt'ring tongue.
Oh, let me whisper it to the raging winds,
Or howling deserts; for the ears of men
It is too shocking. Yet have I not vow'd?
And can I think the great Jehovah sleeps,
Like Chemosh and such fabled deities?
Ah no; Heav'n heard my thoughts, and wrote them down;
It must be so. 'Tis this that racks my brain,
And pours into my breast a thousand pangs
That lash me into madness. Horrid thought!
My only daughter, so dear a child,
Doom'd by a father! Yes, the vow is past,
And Gilead hath triumph'd o'er his foes.
Therefore, tomorrow's dawn... I can no more.

48. Chorus

How dark, O Lord, are Thy decrees,
All hid from mortal sight,
All our joys to sorrow turning,
And our triumphs into mourning,
As the night succeeds the day.
No certain bliss,
No solid peace,
We mortals know
On earth below,
Yet on this maxim still obey:
"Whatever is, is right."




Scene 1

Jephtha, Iphis, Priests and Chorus.

49. Accompagnato

Hide thou thy hated beams, O sun, in clouds
And darkness, deep as is a father's woe;
A father, off'ring up his only child
In vow'd return for victory and peace.

50. Air

Waft her, angels, through the skies,
Far above yon azure plain,
Glorious there, like you, to rise,
There, like you, for ever reign.
Waft her. . . da capo

51. Recitative

Ye sacred priests, whose hands ne'er yet were stain'd
With human blood, why are ye thus afraid
To execute my father's will? The call of Heav'n
With humble resignation I obey.

52. Air

Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods,
Ye flow'ry meads and leafy woods;
Farewell, thou busy world where reign
Short hours of joy and years of pain.
Brighter scenes I seek above
In the realms of peace and love.

53. Chorus of Priests

Doubtful fear and rev'rent awe
Strike us, Lord, while here we bow,
Check'd by Thy all-sacred law,
Yet commanded by the vow.
Hear our pray'r in this distress,
And Thy determin'd will declare.



complete libretto from Handel's Sacred Drama or Oratorio Jephta

March 13 2011

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YouTube - Come sweet Spring! - Komm, holder Lenz!

(no details about this specific interpretation provided
in the video annotations)


Joseph Haydn "Die Jahreszeiten" - "The Seasons" (1801)

Komm, holder Lenz!
Des Himmels Gabe, komm!
Aus ihrem Todesschlaf
erwecke die Natur.

Es nahet sich der holde Lenz,
schon fühlen wir den linden Hauch,
bald lebet alles wieder auf.

Frohlocket ja nicht allzu früh,
oft schleicht, in Nebel eingehüllt,
der Winter wohl zurück und streut
auf Blüt und Keim sein starres Gift.

Komm, holder Lenz!
Des Himmels Gabe, komm!
Auf unsre Fluren senke dich.
o komm, holder Lenz, o komm
und weile länger nicht.


Come sweet spring!
Gift of heaven, come!
From her sleep of death
awaken nature.

Sweet spring draws near,
already we feel her gentle breath,
soon everything springs to life again.

Do not rejoice all too soon,
for often, wrapped in mists,
winter creeps back again and strews
on blossom and bud his rigid poison.

Come, sweet spring!
Gift of heaven, come!
Descent to our field,
come, delay no longer!
Come, come come!

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Erster Akt Chor der Gefangenen - O welche Lust! Kurt Wehofschitz (Erster Gefangener) Raymond Wolansky (Zweiter Gefangener) Philarmonia Chorus, Chorleiter Wilhelm Pitz
Philharmonisches Orchester London
Dirigent Otto Klemperer
Erster Akt
Chor der Gefangenen -
O welche Lust!


O, welche Lust!
in freier Luft den Atem
leicht zu heben, O, welche Lust!
nur hier, nur hier ist Leben,
der Kerker eine Gruft, eine Gruft!

Wir wollen mit Vertrauen
auf Gottes Hülfe,
auf Gottes Hülfe bauen,
die Hoffnung flüstert sanft mir zu,
wir werden frei, wir finden Ruh,
wir finden Ruh'.

O Himmel Rettung,
welch ein Glück,
o Freiheit, o Freiheit,
kehrst du zurück?

Sprecht leise, haltet euch zurück,
wir sind belauscht mir
Ohr und Blick.

Sprecht leise, haltet euch zurück,
wir sind belauscht mir
Ohr und Blick.


Oh what joy, in the open air
Freely to breathe again!
Up here alone is life!
The dungeon is a grave.

We shall with all our faith
Trust in the help of God!
Hope whispers softly in my ears!
We shall be free, we shall find peace.

Oh Heaven! Salvation! Happiness!
Oh Freedom! Will you be given us?

Speak softly! Be on your guard!
We are watched with eye and ear.

Speak softly! Be on your guard!
We are watched with eye and ear.
Oh what joy, in the open air
Freely to breathe again!
Up here alone is life.
Speak softly! Be on your guard!
We are watched with eye and ear.

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