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January 30 2014

Science Podcast - Quantum cryptography, salt's role in ecosystems, and a rundown of stories from our daily news site (31 Jan 2014)

Should we worry more about quantum decryption in the future or the past, how salt's role as a micronutrient may effect the global carbon cycle, and a daily news roundup.

May 02 2013

Science Podcast - Exoplanet habitability, weird planets, mantle geochemistry, and more (3 May 2013)

Sara Seager discusses the habitability of distant planets; Lizzie Wade takes us on a tour of weird and wacky exoplanets; Elizabeth Cottrell connects the mantle to the carbon cycle; and more.
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January 31 2013

Science Podcast - Carbon cycle, collective sensing, Visualization Challenge, and more (1 Feb 2013)

A previously overlooked carbon sink fills some gaps in the carbon cycle; how the schooling of fish may create a collective sensory array; the winners of the 2012 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge; and more.

May 02 2011


// some explications via


Global Carbon Emissions:

Originally conceived as one of my Myth Buster information graphics for Newsweek's International Edition, a piece on global carbon emissions showing both national and per capita data has found a home in the April issue of the Atlantic Monthly. The image of a footprint is composed of circles sized relative to the carbon emissions of each nation and color coded according to region. In the final version of this information graphic there will be a second footprint of per capita emissions by nations. That will be a very different picture. The leader in per capita emissions is Gibraltar followed by the Virgin Islands. The U.S. drops down to number twelve and China falls way down the list due to its large population. It appears that countries that don't grow or produce much have the largest footprint because they have to import almost everything they need.

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December 24 2010

Four short links: 24 December 2010

  1. Holiday Carbon Offsets -- buy carbon offsets against Santa's trip, a stockingful of coal, or this year's Reindeer Games. (via Val Aurora on Twitter)
  2. Sad Story of the Snowman -- the best use of Internationalized Domain Names yet.
  3. Katie, Starwars Geek (CNN) -- best use of the Internet this year.
  4. Everything The Internet Knows About Me Because I Asked It To (WSJ) -- passive lifeblogging. (via Keith on Twitter)

March 24 2009

July 09 2008

TERRA 436: Global Warming from Burning the Future: Coal in America

This week's excerpt from Burning the Future: Coal in America examines the effects of coal on global warming. Coal-burned power plants are the largest CO2 emitters in the United States, and US emissions of carbon represent 25% of the world's contribution to global warming. Is clean coal the answer? Watch and find out!
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