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March 09 2012

Top Stories: March 5-9, 2012

Here's a look at the top stories published across O'Reilly sites this week.

Why Uber's data fascinates a neuroscientist
Neuroscientist Bradley Voytek's interest in networks and nodes goes beyond the human brain. Here, he discusses the data generated by car-service company Uber and how the company has influenced his research.

Data markets compared
Strata chair Edd Dumbill provides an overview of the most mature data markets (Infochimps, Factual, Windows Azure Data Marketplace, DataMarket) and contrasts their different approaches and facilities.

Buttons were an inspired UI hack, but now we've got better options
Global Moxie founder and "Tapworthy" author Josh Clark discusses touch UIs and the future of computer interaction.

The dilemma of authentic learning: Do you destroy what you measure?

Making and education clearly go hand in hand, but how do we quantify and share the results of authentic learning without losing its essence? That's the issue educators are currently facing.

Data journalist profiles: Who they are, what they do and why their work matters
In this series, Alex Howard interviews data journalists from the New York Times, the Associated Press, NPR and a host of other organizations.

Strata Santa Clara 2012 Complete Video Compilation includes workshops, sessions and keynotes from the 2012 Strata Conference in California. Learn more and order here.

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