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April 25 2012

Velocity Podcast Series - Joshua Bixby on The Business of Performance

This is the second podcast in our new Velocity Podcast Series. It is my intention to keep our conversations that we start at the Velocity conference going throughout the year. We will be talking with conference committee members, speakers, companies, and attendees. So check back weekly for a new podcast.

I recently spoke with Joshua Bixby of Strangeloop about measuring and making sense out of increased performance. Josh has presented at Velocity in Europe, Asia, and the US and always has some very interesting insights into the business of performance. Josh talks about Business KPIs, metrics and business benefits of performance optimization and always has plenty of data and graphs. In our conversation we touch on mostly on the business of speed.

Our conversation lasted 00:22:11 and if you want to pinpoint any particular answer, you can find the specific timing below.

  • A little background on Josh and Strangeloop (what is a StrangeLoop?) 00:00:26
  • You've mentioned in your talks that we are in the middle of a couple of revolutions, what are they? 00:03:18
  • When did you see an institutional need for making a business case for Web Performance Optimization? 00:05:21
  • How do you benchmark a company's web properties that are most mobile, enterprise, or Web2 oriented so you are comparing Apples to Apples? 00:07:38
  • How do you rank variable tradeoffs that engineers will inevitably encounter with Time, Cost, Quality, Scope and Performance? 00:11:25
  • What is the most common cause of mobile users not staying on a site, or not purchasing? Is is performance related? 00:12:36
  • Do you have any real-life examples of dramatic improvements companies have achieved through performance optimization? 00:14:54
  • In your experience, what is the most important benefit a company will get through performance improvements? 00:18:56

Velocity 2012: Web Operations & Performance — The smartest minds in web operations and performance are coming together for the Velocity Conference, being held June 25-27 in Santa Clara, Calif.

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