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December 05 2013

TERRA 825: WildFIRE PIRE: The Cradle of Fire

WildFIRE PIRE is a National Science Foundation five-year project that is an international partnership coordinated by the Montana Institute on Ecosystems and Montana State University that focuses on the causes and consequences of fire in the past, present, and future. Scientists from research universities and agencies in the United States, Tasmania, and New Zealand have combined efforts to compare how past fire occurrences have influenced climate change and what these patterns can tell us about the future. With the primary areas of study in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, Australia’s Tasmanian conservation areas, New Zealand’s forests, and Patagonia’s wild places, the project is exploring how wildfires, which are often devastating, are related to climate change. Join a group of international fire scientists and students as they venture deep into Tasmania's Cradle Mountain National Park to better understand the role of fire in the ecosystem. Produced by WildFIRE PIRE.

October 25 2013

TERRA 822: WildFIRE PIRE: The (un)Luck of the Draw

WildFIRE PIRE (Partnerships in International Research and Education) is an international partnership focused on the causes and consequences of fire in the past, present, and future. This partnership includes scientists, educators, and fire specialists from: Montana State University, University of Colorado, University of Idaho, Salish Kootenai College, USDA Forest Service, Australian National University, University of Auckland, University of Tasmania, Landcare Research, and Monash University. The project also involves research and land managers from US and foreign non-profit conservation organizations, who are providing internship experiences for undergraduates and timely fire information. The expertise of the team includes scientists working on fire history, fire ecology, fire climatology, fire management, cultural anthropology, biodiversity and fire conservation, and invasive species. The team also includes specialists in natural history filmmaking and outreach, international education programs, project assessment, and data management. More information and videos may be found at Produced by WildFIRE PIRE.
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September 17 2013

Pourquoi les pauvres votent à droite, aux USA comme dans les pays_riches. politique…

Pourquoi les #pauvres votent à #droite, aux #USA comme dans les #pays_riches.
#politique #sociologie_électorale #Bush #smh

Ils ne sont pas les seuls à s’interroger, comme en témoigne Pourquoi les pauvres votent à droite du journaliste et historien Thomas Frank. Dans cette enquête sur son Kansas natal, il pose cette question qui, pour de nombreux observateurs, ne devrait pas avoir lieu. Si la droite est le parti des riches, comment alors expliquer qu’il recueille les faveurs des plus déshérites ? Pourtant, au Kansas, comme dans de nombreux États américains, il est possible de voir sur le bord de la route des panneaux proclamant qu’un « travailleur qui soutient les Démocrates est un peu comme un poulet qui soutiendrait Kentucky Fried Chicken ! »

April 26 2009

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No proof torture stopped terror attacks

April 25 2009

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Pardon or prosecute

April 17 2009

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US strategy Russia's disintegration

April 09 2009

March 27 2009

January 28 2009

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Should Obama prosecute Bush and Cheney? Pt.2

January 27 2009

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Should Obama prosecute Bush and Cheney Pt.1

January 26 2009

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The cult of the Presidency Pt.1/2

January 24 2009

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Obama orders on Guantanamo and torture

January 16 2009

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Bringing Bush and Cheney to justice

December 23 2008

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Will a king prosecute a king? Pt2

December 19 2008

December 16 2008

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Mosaic News - 12/15/08: World News from the Middle East

December 15 2008

February 12 2007

TERRA 310: Picante! Part Two

The power of peppers is in their heat - but what causes them to burn when we eat them and why do we keep coming back for more? What is the magic component that can stop bears in their tracks and turn the simple chili into a powerful weapon? Find out why peppers aren't just something we use to spice up our food in part two of Picante!
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