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August 16 2013

TERRA 817: Silencing the Thunder

Silencing the Thunder exposes the controversy surrounding the disease brucellosis and whether or not Yellowstone National Park’s bison population should be heavily managed because of it. Produced by Eddie Roqueta.

March 15 2013

TERRA 806: Winter Range

Winter Range is a documentary film that explores the consequences of rising levels of the livestock disease Brucellosis in elk in the Greater Yellowstone Area. New elk behavior patterns, often attributed to pressure from wolves and hunters, has brought them within critical proximity to cattle consequently making brucellosis a constant threat to the livelihoods of Montana livestock producers. Winter Range features a Montana rancher who reveals the measures, or lack their of, that she has to take to protect her cattle from infected elk and brucellosis. At the heart of the problem is a conflict between people and wildlife and at the heart of this film is a story about the complexity of managing the “political disease.”
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