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May 31 2010


May 30 2010

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Banks still the powerhouse in DC
David Arkush: Bank lobbyists outnumber reform lobbyists 11 to 1 on derivatives legislation alone
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May 28 2010

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Finance bill doesn't prevent "structural blackmail"
Gerald Epstein: Support the bill, but it's only one small step towards real financial reform
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May 26 2010

May 25 2010

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Finance Bill: a few good measures but mostly show
William Black: Senate Finance Bill has a few good reforms, but maintains structural blackmail
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January 08 2010

Big Money and Big Politics

Kevin Drum and David Corn

October 16 2009

Redefining the United States.

Barack Obama was elected on a message of change, promising a new era of diplomacy and international cooperation - but can the President deliver a new vision of America?

April 18 2009

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Motown blues or Detroit green

April 04 2009

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Obama should save the banks, not the bankers Pt.4

March 30 2009

February 16 2009

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown - 2009-02-15

The unfolding debt drama in Russia, Ukraine, and the EU states of Eastern Europe has reached acute danger point. - Austria's finance minister Josef Pröll made frantic efforts last week to put together a €150bn rescue for the ex-Soviet bloc. Well he might. His banks have lent €230bn to the region, equal to 70pc of Austria's GDP. "A failure rate of 10pc would lead to the collapse of the Austrian financial sector," reported Der Standard in Vienna. Unfortunately, that is about to happen.

February 15 2009

February 05 2009

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Auto bailout for whom? Pt. 4
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Auto bailout for whom? Pt. 3

February 04 2009

February 01 2009

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