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March 24 2010

March 03 2010

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Urban Art - in the tradition of Anti Art? (oanth)
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February 25 2010


U B U W E B: Helmut Herbst (1969) - "Deutschland Dada"

This documentary concerns the contributions of German artists to the Dadaist movement. Created in 1916, the organizers rejected previous convention and delighted in nihilistic satire in painting, sculpture and literature. Comparisons are made between the movement and the political and social upheaval at the time of the release of this feature (1969). - Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide
Credit Helmut Herbst - Director; Helmut Herbst - Cinematographer; Helmut Herbst - Screenwriter


Helmut Herbst: Wikipedia Entry


Excellent feature on Dadaism (~ 55 min.), which provides by direct and hidden allusions a contemporary (1969) framework of parallel tendencies and adaptions likewise to observe during the protest movement of the 1968-ers.

languages: German & English (speaker)

oanth - 20100225
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