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July 28 2013

*Survivors recount boat sinking off Australia* ❝Less than a week after Australia announced its new…

Survivors recount boat sinking off Australia

Less than a week after Australia announced its new refugee policy, at least 11 bodies have been pulled from the waters off Indonesia after a boat carrying asylum seekers sank on Tuesday.The overloaded vessel had at least 200 refugees on board, many of them were children. Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Sukabumi.

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July 25 2013

Le conducteur du train avant la catastrophe : « je suis à 190 km/h ! »

Le conducteur du train avant la catastrophe : « je suis à 190 km/h ! »

Benjamin Leclercq

#revue_de_presse La presse européenne s’épanche abondamment sur le #déraillement du #Train_à_grande_vitesse qui a coûté la vie, mercredi soir, à au moins 78 personnes en #Espagne. En Espagne, les médias sont unanimes : le train roulait beaucoup trop vite. (+VIDEO)

« Coup de tonnerre », "tremblement de (...)

#Société #accident #catastrophe_ferroviaire #RENFE #Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle #Santiago

March 15 2011

Certainly they realized, that too many recent visits on their site (after the map was embedded by Global Voices) and especially of the contanimation map, would rise questions about the further statistics up to 2011 - there should be provided an adequate interactive map, to show the development of the contanimation chiffres all over the affected regions in Europe from 1986 up to 2011.

December 18 2008

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