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January 29 2013

Thomas MacLaren Architectural Drawings Collection

Abbey farm house in the village of Charlton Adam (Somerset, England)

Arcade at Certosa di Pavia

Chalet near Davos-Dorfli

Belfry at St. Moritz

This collection contains original pencil sketches and watercolors by architect Thomas MacLaren, (b. Scotland, 1863 - d. Colorado Springs, 1928) illustrating the architecture of England, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, and elsewhere. The works were completed between 1880 and 1891.

(Gefunden bei

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February 08 2012

George Grosz 1922 ... via oAnth at Diaspora*

"Schwimme wer schwimmen kann, und wer zu schwach ist gehe unter " (Schiller)

January 15 2012

January 08 2012

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Munich, Residence Garden in Winter | München, winterlicher Hofgarten - pencil | Bleistift -  by oAnth, Dec 2011 - under CC BY-NC-ND

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December 30 2011

M.C. Escher Eye Drawing |

" M.C. Escher was one of the world’s most famous graphic artists. ...




... He created many visual riddles, and an amazingly detailed piece titled “Eye” that offers lots of detail for students to imitate.
Students may use either soft drawing pencils or black charcoal pencils. Whichever media, they need to be able to sharpen their tools to make fine detailed lines.
1. I started by passing out a cardboard template of an eye shape to trace. It really helps to speed things up so students can focus on the following steps.
2. A partial circle is drawn, one that touches the top of the eye.
3. An inner circle is added, along with eyelashes and a rectangle “highlight” that is to stay white.
4. Crease lines are added above the lashes. The inner circle is shaded in to look black, and lines radiating around it are added. They eye is colored in a dark gray.
5. Light shading is added above and below the eye, and on the right side of the eye. All the shading is rubbed with a paper stump to blend in.

CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade Four
2.1 Use shading (value) to transform a two-dimensional shape into what appears to be a three-dimensional form (e.g., circle to sphere)."





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June 29 2011

Die ungefähre Frau

Georges Seurat, Eine Frau lehnt an einer Brüstung an der Seine (1881)

Die Wikipedia über den französischen Maler und - neben Paul Signac - wichtigsten Vertreter des Pointilismus, Georges Seurat (1859-1891).

(Gefunden bei Couleurs)

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April 19 2011


November 20 2010


May 25 2010

April 02 2010

inside international coffee traders, Bozeman
Linda and I were hanging out here while our internet was down.
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Bozeman Main Street #22
I did this in two sittings on Easter Sunday, all the while sitting near some sort of drug dealer who had chosen the spot as a base for his Easter operations. I think I made him nervous.
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April 01 2010

If you love the life you live ...

I'm working in my new Moleskine and pretending its not an object of desire that can't be tarnished with bad art. I like the way that the paper 'cockles' when you put water on it - not so perfect now are you, hmmm?... Beth has gone to Max's birthday party with all his mates, she won't be staying for the sleepover...........
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