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February 08 2012

Interview with Art Cologne Director Daniel Hug

After many years in which the tradition-rich Art Cologne was loosing more and more of its importance, the world’s oldest art fair not only seems to be back on the right track but also gaining momentum. Since Daniel Hug took over the director position at Art Cologne, the criticism has been muted and the press is talking about the miracle of the Rhine. For this year’s edition that runs from 18th to 22nd April 2012, Daniel Hug is breaking new grounds by collaborating with the New Art Dealers Alliance, who already runs a fair in Miami. Thus, Art Cologne 2012 will see the collaboration between two independent fairs, Art Cologne and NADA Cologne.

VernissageTV met with Daniel Hug in Zürich to talk about the collaboration with NADA. We wanted to know how this collaboration with NADA came about, the hopes he puts in it, and how NADA Cologne is integrated in the overall concept of Art Cologne, both from a strategic point of view as well as regarding the fair layout on site. But one and a half years after our first interview with Daniel Hug as Director of Art Cologne, we also wanted to know how the fair has developed since then regarding attendance and sales, and his goals for the next years. He explains why he discontinued the Open Space section, which played an important role for the fair during the last years. He talks about why he stopped Art Cologne Palma de Mallorca when he took over Art Cologne in 2008, and where he sees the future of art fairs in general and Art Cologne in particular. Finally, Daniel Hug let’s us know what to expect from the 2012-edition of Art Cologne – 46. Internationaler Kunstmarkt in Cologne, Germany, and hints at some of the highlights of the upcoming fair, the participating galleries and the supporting program.

The above video is an excerpt. Watch the interview in full-length with English and German subtitles after the break.

Interview with Art Cologne Director Daniel Hug. Caféteria Kunsthaus Zürich, Zürich / Switzerland, January 20, 2012.

PS: See also: NADA Director Heather Hubbs on NADA and the Collaboration with Art Cologne.

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Complete interview (16:33 min.)
(Hit the “cc” in the control bar of the video player for subtitles in English or German language.)

February 03 2012

Yüksel Arslan: Artures / Exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich

Until recently, Paris-based Turkish artist Yüksel Arslan was almost unknown to a broader public. The Kunsthalle Zurich is now presenting for the first time a selection of over 200 works since 1959 outside of Turkey. The exhibition has its focus on Arslan’s “Artures”, works on paper using a unique technique with special paints.

Yüksel Arslan was born in 1933. He left Turkey in 1962 for political reasons and resettled in Paris. Since then, he has been creating a unique oeuvre that is based on his preoccupation with philosophical, sociological, and artistic literature. Despite the presentation of his work at The Drawing Center in New York in 2008 and his huge retrospective at the Santralistanbul Museum in Istanbul in 2009, Yüksel Arslan is still an insider’s tip. Arslan works in his apartment, which reportedly looks more like a library.

On display are eight different groups of Yüksel Arslan’s Artures: The series “L’Homme I”, “L’Homme II”, “L’Homme III”, “Le Capital”, “Influances I”, “Influances II”, “Autoartures”, and “Journales”. The Influences work groups are dedicated to famous figures, such as Henry David Thoreau, Friedrich Nietzsche, Georges Bataille, Kurt Schwitters, and Bertolt Brecht.

Arslan uses special paints that he creates himself by mixing pigments with rather unconventional ingredients such as body fluids, vegetable extracts, petals, grass, oil or charcoal.

Following the presentation at Kunsthalle Zürich (until April 9, 2012), the exhibition will be shown at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and Kunstverein Hamburg.

Yüksel Arslan: Artures / Exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich at Museum Bärengasse, Zürich / Switzerland. Opening reception, January 27, 2012.

PS: Complete video after the break.

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Complete video (18.28 Min.):

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