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January 24 2013

ACTA – Der Big Bang der Netzpolitik

Das Kürzel ACTA markiert einen der wichtigsten Konflikte in der Netzpolitik. Nach jahrelangen Geheimverhandlungen brachten europaweite Proteste das umstrittene Abkommen zu Fall.


November 06 2010

Obama's Broken Promises on IP and Meds

President Obama travels today to India for the first time since his election, arriving on November 6. His trip will feature high-level meetings organized by powerful U.S. and European corporate interests, including an address to the U.S.-India Business Council, a corporate interest group hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that includes all major multinational pharmaceutical companies among its members. U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Suresh Kumar confirmed last week on the sidelines of a business conference that securing more restrictive intellectual property rights for U.S. companies was a key U.S. demand. He said, ?[the US is] lobbying to do here, to protect international property rights, to protect our patents.?
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