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April 15 2012

Breakthrough in Quantum Communication

A team of scientists at the MPQ realizes a first elementary quantum network based on interfaces between single atoms and photons...


March 02 2012

Can The Human Brain See Quantum Images? - Technology Review

Nobody knows whether humans can access exotic images based on quantum entanglement.

See it on, via The virtual life

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June 10 2011


June 07 2011

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A video tour of the antimatter trap at CERN. This is the device that allows scientists to capture antimatter long enough to a) confirm its existence and b) study its properties, as mentioned yesterday.

It exists in the device for only minutes, but for an atomic particle that’s an eternity. Then they allow the antimatter particles to escape and record their energy release. Great video about a very complicated device and concept.

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May 03 2011

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High Speed Video: liquid nitrogen leidenfrost effect shot at 3000 frames per second

// Leidenfrost Effect at WP in EN / DE
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