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February 03 2012


1 ΕΚΑΤΟΜΜΥΡΙΟ ΥΠΟΓΡΑΦΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΔΙΑΓΡΑΦΗ του επαχθούς Χρέους. - Citizens Initiative : 1 million people against Greek Odious Debt.

PURPOSE The collection of one (1) million signatures in electronic format. The signatures should cover as many regions of Europe as possible on the basis of geography and population. The text bearing the signatures will then be sent to the President of the European Commission.


Signing the petition will indicate OPPOSITION to poverty and to individual and national subjugation. European Solidarity: this is a huge duty and responsibility for all of us.


The REMOVAL of the onerous Debt. When countries are in “a state of necessity'' (when they are experiencing the collapse of their health and education systems, as well as their wages and pensions), repayment of the burdensome debt must be put aside. The necessity for survival and human dignity must come before repayment of a debt.

NOTE: under Article 8 of the Treaty of Lisbon, about one (1) million signatures will be officially put into force on 1/4/2012. From that point onwards, European citizens will be able to make their requests for the passing of Laws in the European Union.

There is a NEED: by that date, SEISACHTHEIA must have collected the signatures of one (1) million European citizens in order to claim and establish the validity of the state of necessity. (When the people are suffering, the usurer cannot be paid).


To: Mr José Manuel Barroso,
President of the European Commission
1049 Brussels, Belgium.

Mr President,
I. It is hard to accept that Europe has established a usurious relationship with Greece (and other countries). The rate of interest of the loans which Troïka have lent to Greece is much more than those rates at which the State creditors borrow. (Germany borrows at a 0,25% rate of interest and afterwards lends to Greece at 5%.) The financial crisis in Greece has been taken advantage of by Member States, who gain inadmissible enrichment at Greece’s expense. And that meets with the total denial of communal solidarity. Such economic cannibalism against a Member State constitutes the highest risk for the values of Europe.

II. The solutions that are given are NOT viable for Greece – and moreover, not generally viable for the European financial structure as a whole. The loans to Greece, at a destructive rate of interest, create a higher debt; as well as the misconduct of every smooth public functioning of the institutions within the Eurozone. The situation REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ACTION.

III. We invite you, under Article 8 of the Lisbon Treaty, to introduce to the European Commission the following resolutions, for adoption:

Write off every part unilaterally: in particular, the part of the public debt, which falls under the category of the “odious debt”, such as the “Greek” debt. Most of the debt consists of the capitalization of the interest, which goes back many decades. The capital of the loans themselves has been paid. In other words, write off this COMPOUND INTEREST.

Establish the Principle of the “state of necessity ”. When the financial and the political existence of a State is in danger because of the serving of the abhorrent debt (galloping unemployment; the collapse of wages and pensions; the closure of hospitals and schools, as well as of social services; individual wretchedness; etc.) the refusal of its payment is necessary and justifiable.
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